Kindergarten Readiness

Is your child ready for Kindergarten?

A recent article in Bloomberg titled “Ten Reasons Why Early Childhood Education Pays Off”, states that “when a young child enters kindergarten ready for school, there is an 82 percent chance that child will master basic skills by age 11, compared with a 45 percent chance for children who are not school ready.”

Call us today to find out if your child is ready for Kindergarten and to learn more about our Kindergarten Club Program.

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Baby Signs- January

Keep the conversation going with your child at home by using Baby Sign Language.

This month we are learning book, comb, moon, socks, song and many more…

For more information about Monthly Baby Signs, please contact your nearest location.


Song Socks Moon Comb Book








Way Back Wednesday


10 Things We Learned From Star Wars:

With the release of Star Wars Rogue One last month, let’s take a look back at the “jedi knowledge” these life changing movies taught us.

Which Star Wars movie was your all-time favorite?


Parents Corner

Parents Corner

Homework Help

6 Ways to Help Your Elementary School Student With Homework

Homework can be frustrating for your child and you. Here are 6 tips from Scholastic to help alleviate homework frustration, and make homework time a more positive experience for both children and parents.

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21st Century Learning

 5 Reasons to Teach Kids to Code

With the constant advancements in technology, and no end in sight, the need to keep up with these changes is necessary.

This is a great opportunity for our youth to take the lead and get programming!

As they say, today’s youth is tomorrow’s future!

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Fun With Montessori


Montessori Snowflake Activity

Whether you wait all year to see the fluffy white snow hit the ground or you would rather stay in the warmer climates, this Montessori activity will keep you and your family entertained in any weather.

This Snowflake activity helps children develop visual recognition of symbols, patterns, order and of course, memory.


Montessori At Home

A Montessori Set Up:  Organizing the Chaos of Toys

As the holiday season comes to an end, organizing the chaos of toys is now necessary.

Find out simple ways to achieve this the Montessori way!

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Montessori 101

A Year- Long Series Going Back to the Basics

Do you love the Montessori Method, but wish you knew more?

As you venture into the New Year, here is a back to basic year-long guide that will make you a Montessori expert.


Fun With Montessori:


Holiday Gifts Your Child Can Sew: Handmade gifts are the best!

Teaching your child to sew, not only develops sewing skills, but more importantly independence, concentration, coordination and a sense of order.

Here are two super simple projects to get your child started making their handmade gifts…


Food For Thought: Healthy Tips & Tricks


The New Year is just around the corner, has your family made a resolution to get healthy for the New Year?

Keep up the healthy habits by using these tips with your child!