Fine Motor Activity: Pasta Play

Supplies: Pasta Strainer and Uncooked Spaghetti Noodles

Directions: With some guidance allow your child to try and stick the pasta noodles in the strainer holes to come out the other side.

Skills Learned: Develops fine motor skills by using movement and concentration. Hand-eye coordination and control. Develops independence and confidence.

Note: This activity can also be used with cotton swabs and objects with holes large enough for the swab.


Math & Manipulative Activity: Clean Up Counting

Supplies: None

Directions: Throughout the day when you are cleaning up toys with your toddler, make it a game. Clearly count out the toys as you are putting them away. Go up to 5 and have your toddler repeat after you. The more they hear it the more they will start to recognize and be able to do it on their own!

Skills Learned: Independence by cleaning up after themselves. Counting recognition. Parents and toddlers will practice one on one correspondence.


Gross Motor Activity: Yoga

Supplies: Comfortable Clothes and Open Space

Directions: Such a fun all body activity for toddlers, and parents can join! Show them different and basic yoga poses such as downward dog, mountain, tree, cow, cat, child, and seat pose.

Skills Learned: Develops gross motor skills by using balance and movement. Strengthens motor control and flexibility.



Creative Expression Activity: Toilet Paper Roll Art

Supplies: Toilet Paper Rolls, Paper and Paint

Directions: Allow your child to make some process art. They will dip the toilet paper roll into the paint and then on the paper. With different colors it becomes an abstract artwork! You can also change the shape of the roll into a heart or anything else you can think of!

Skills Learned: Builds their creativity and confidence. Evokes self expression and individuality. Language development using descriptive words by describing their creation. Develops color recognition and decision making skills.


Science & Sensory Activity: Toy Rescue

Supplies: Water Safe Container, Ice Cube Tray or Small Cups, Small Toys or Objects and Water

Directions: Place the toys/objects in the trays or cups and add water to cover the toys. Let it freeze overnight. Place the frozen cubes in the play container with some water and let your child work on melting the ice with their hands.

Skills Learned: Allows for exploration of temperature and texture. Starts the process of scientific reasoning and predictions.



Language Learning Activity: Felt Board Stories

Supplies: Felt Board and Felt Pieces

Directions: Make it a fun story time by including images to match the story or your favorite song. Read your favorite story with your child using the felt stories that add a fun interactive feature. You can also create a felt board story for your favorite song like baby shark and slippery fish.

Skills Learned: Enhances language and listening skills. Color recognition. Strengthens creativity and imagination. Develops interest in group time and stories.