Is Private Preschool Worth It?

Parents' Corner | March 11, 2024

So, is private preschool worth it? Discover the transformative benefits of private preschool education with Cadence Education. Set your child up for success.

Preschool vs Pre K vs Kindergarten: Choosing the Best

Discover the difference between preschool vs Pre-K vs kindergarten and how Cadence Education’s programs build confidence, and prepare children for lifelong success.

What Age Do You Start Kindergarten In Florida?

Parents' Corner | March 4, 2024

Are you wondering what age do you start kindergarten in Florida? Parents can get answers to all their burning questions here at Cadence Education.

Is Daycare Good for Toddlers?

Parents' CornerToddler Activities | February 28, 2024

So, is daycare good for toddlers? Explore Cadence Education – where safety meets nurturing care. Discover a curriculum designed for holistic toddler development.

Is Daycare Considered School? Answering Parent Questions

Parents' Corner | February 28, 2024

So, is daycare considered school? Discover answers from Cadence Education. We foster a love for learning, stimulate cognitive development, and more.

What to Look for in a Bilingual Daycare

Parents' Corner | January 17, 2024

Are you looking for a bilingual daycare? Here’s a complete guide on what to look for and the top bilingual daycare programs at Cadence Education.

Charter Schools in Miami: Are They Worth It?

Parents' Corner | January 5, 2024

Explore charter schools in Miami and the benefits of private schooling — where there is individualized attention, a holistic curriculum, and experienced staff.

Charter School vs. Private School: Which is Best?

Parents' Corner | December 15, 2023

Comparing charter school vs private school for your child? This full guide does a deep dive into the different schooling practices, discovering the ideal choice.

Can A Child Go To Kindergarten Not Potty Trained?

Parents' Corner | November 30, 2023

Parents often ask, “Can a child go to kindergarten not potty trained?” In this guide, we’ll discuss the reality of potty training and offer top tips.

Gifted 5-Year-Old Checklist: Identifying a Gifted Preschooler

Parents' Corner | November 21, 2023

Review this comprehensive gifted 5-year-old checklist to help determine if your child is gifted and find the ideal kindergarten readiness program!

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