How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss [Summer Program Benefits]

Parents' Corner | March 21, 2023

Here’s how to prevent summer learning loss in children and the excellent benefits of a top summer program!

Spring Break Activities for Kids: For Working & At-Home Parents

Parents' Corner | March 16, 2023

Check out these fun and easy spring break activities for kids for any parent, including arts and crafts ideas, outdoor fun, movie night ideas, and more!

What is Summer Camp & Do My Kids Need to Go?

Parents' Corner | March 1, 2023

What should parents look for in a summer camp? This expert guide offers insight into styles of summer camp & how they benefit children.

8 Benefits of Summer Camp for Children: Keep Children Productive and Engaged

Parents' Corner | February 23, 2023

The benefits of a summer camp are endless! Here is our compact guide on the top educational, emotional, and physical benefits of a summer camp for your kiddo.

Preschool Checklist For Parents [The Full Guide]

Get your child ready for preschool with this comprehensive checklist for parents and ensure a smooth transition for your child’s educational journey

Do Kids Have To Go To Preschool?

Parents' Corner | February 6, 2023

This guide answers the question: do kids have to go to preschool? Find out the benefits of pre-K education and why children should experience it.

Is Preschool Needed? [Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten Education]

Parents' Corner | January 30, 2023

Is preschool needed? Read about the benefits of pre-kindergarten education and how it can help set children up for success in the future.

Long-Term Effects Of Montessori Education + New Research

Parents' Corner | January 9, 2023

Research proves that Montessori education brings many benefits that will support children well into adulthood. Read about its advantages in this blog.

Montessori vs. Waldorf Education [Differences & Similarities]

Parents' Corner | January 3, 2023

Compare Montessori vs. Waldorf education and find out which method will work best for your child. See how Cadence Education can help.

Child Having Issues Adjusting to Kindergarten? How to Help

Parents' Corner | December 21, 2022

Is your kiddo having issues with adjusting to Kindergarten? Read on for a full guide on helping your child succeed.

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