Why Babies & Toddlers Cry in Their Sleep (And How to Fix it)

Parents' Corner | September 15, 2021

Without a well-developed language and vocabulary, it’s difficult to communicate our needs and moods to others. The same goes for babies and toddlers. Crying, whining, and fussiness are all ways babies and toddlers tell their caregivers what they need or feel using the only language they know: sounds.  Unfortunately, though, these sounds can cause parental… Read More

You’re on a Daycare Waiting List. Now What?

Parents' Corner | September 8, 2021

Whether you’re expecting your first child or are looking to enroll your second child in a daycare program, it’s never too early to start looking into daycare. As you search for a daycare, you may be looking for high-ranking programs that provide ample benefits for your child. Unfortunately, with so many families interested in these… Read More

Your Toddler Won’t Eat at Daycare. 6 Solutions to Try

Parents' Corner | August 25, 2021

Starting daycare can be an exciting yet overwhelming time in your child’s life. Your child attending daycare can be a big transition from what they’re used to. Transitions are difficult for everyone, but experiencing your first one as a child can be immensely difficult. This change may cause disruptions in some of their routines, such… Read More

Does My Child Have To Be Potty Trained for Preschool?

Parents' Corner | August 18, 2021

As the new school year rolls around, you may be looking into what preschool to send your child to. You’ll be researching programs and investigating requirements to see where your child will best fit. One of these requirements may be a preschool potty training policy. That’s right — the time has finally come to make… Read More

Baby on the Way? Here’s When To Start Looking for Daycare

Parents' Corner | August 11, 2021

Several critical child development success factors are solidified during the first six to eight weeks of life, so having your bundle of joy at home for at least that amount of time is important.But what about when you decide to return to work? Regardless of when your child begins daycare, research has consistently shown its… Read More

5 Child Care Options for Working Parents

Parents' Corner | July 29, 2021

It’s become much more common for both parents to have a career instead of staying home with their children. Fortunately, there are many child care options for working parents. It’s important to find the one that works best for you and your family. Common Child Care Challenges for Working Parents Balancing a career and family… Read More

Preschool Pros and Cons: Parents’ Guide to Choosing

Parents' Corner | July 22, 2021

Parents make a ton of tough decisions regarding their children, including school enrollment. It can be daunting when there is a wide variety of options. Factors like safety, behavior, and learning styles are key considerations when searching for what will help children succeed. Exploring your options — including knowing the difference between formal education, preschool,… Read More

Need to Help Your Child Cope With Moving? Try These Tips

Parents' Corner | July 21, 2021

Moving to a new home or city is overwhelming for adults and children alike. However, children are often more likely to feel moving anxiety as the unfamiliar can be scary for them. Knowing how to help your child cope with moving anxiety can be a useful skill that will make your next move just a… Read More

Montessori vs. Traditional Preschool: 5 Key Differences

Parents' Corner | July 14, 2021

When faced with so many educational options and the competing theories behind them, determining how to best educate your children and in which setting can easily overwhelm any parent. Is traditional schooling the way to go, or should you give the Montessori method a try? When it comes to Montessori vs. traditional preschool, comparing and… Read More

10 Tell-Tale Traits of a Stellar Preschool Teacher

Parents' Corner | July 8, 2021

Preschool is an exciting time for parents and children alike. As the little ones start being more independent and curious about their surroundings, having a teacher that provides kids with plenty of opportunities to explore is ideal. Remember that this person will play a huge role in your child’s formative years, so it’s okay to… Read More

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