The Montessori Experience

The basic idea of the Montessori philosophy of education is that all children carry within themselves the person they will become. In order to develop their physical, intellectual, and spiritual potential, the children must have freedom, which is achieved through order and self-discipline. 

Multi-age grouping promotes an atmosphere where children can help and learn from each other. Here, the child makes individual choices based on capabilities, exercises self-discipline and discovers ways to solve progressively complex problems. Teachers are present to guide in the excitement of curiosity and foster each child’s innate love for education. 

Community life is also an important component of this educational approach. Children in our Montessori schools begin to take responsibility for their own environment, as they become contributing members of the Montessori social group. 

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We provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.

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