The Montessori Experience

The basic idea of the Montessori philosophy of education is that all children carry within themselves the person they will become. In order to develop their physical, intellectual, and spiritual potential, the children must have freedom which is achieved through order and self-discipline. 

Multi-age grouping promotes an atmosphere where children can help and learn from each other. Here, the child makes individual choices based on capabilities, exercises self-discipline, and discovers ways to solve progressively complex problems. Teachers are present to guide in the excitement of curiosity and foster each child’s innate love for education. 

Community life is also an important component of Montessori programs. Children in our Montessori schools begin to take responsibility for their own environment, as they become contributing members of the Montessori social group. 

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“I’m so impressed with the learning environments (inside and outside) provided for the children. The space is absolutely beautiful! The teachers are warm and welcoming and appear to love teaching as much as the children love learning. I strongly recommend this school for any parent looking for a high-quality Montessori experience!”

– Nikole

Montessori Principles

When looking at a Montessori program vs. a traditional preschool there are several differences in the core curriculum. The Montessori curriculum focuses on child-centered learning that is play-based to foster a love of learning. Montessori curriculum values sensorial learning, practical life skill development, and a sense of community.

In a Montessori classroom there are five main learning areas:


Sensorial learning helps children develop and refine all of their senses.

Practical Life

This area is focused on tuning fine motor skills, orderly thinking, and basic movements for daily activities.


Math will be used at an age-appropriate level in the Montessori curriculum.


Hands-on materials assist children in learning the shapes and sounds of letters to prepare them for reading and writing.


The cultural aspect of the curriculum teaches children peace, tolerance, and even geography (starting at age 3).

Montessori Curriculum Benefits

Below are some of the many benefits of a Montessori program for your child.

A Strong Foundation of Academic & Life Skills

The education your child receives in early childhood sets the groundwork for their future learning. Teachers guide your child to take the next natural step in their understanding of age-appropriate and skill-level-appropriate ways. The Montessori method builds lasting self-esteem and independence.

A Multi-Age Classroom Is Ideal For Early Learning

Children learn at their own pace! Children can build stronger relationships with one another in a multi-age classroom. Older children can show leadership and become mentors to their younger peers, and younger children can model the older children. This arrangement mirrors real-life experiences where the reality is that they will be working with and across many ages.

A Focus on Self-Discovery

The Montessori prepared classroom is considered the third teacher. This environment leads your child towards their interests and discoveries. The classroom is meticulously set up and contains five main areas of learning: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Cultural.

Montessori Materials Are An Open-Ended Invitation To Play

Montessori materials are specifically designed instructional materials –– many invented by Maria Montessori –– that are a hallmark of all authentic Montessori classrooms. Didactic and open-ended, these materials offer your inquisitive child exploration and diversity. Children in Montessori programs are given the freedom to explore and learn independently through play.

Hands-On Play Enhances All Levels Of Learning

Concrete manipulatives enhance all areas and levels of learning. Give your child endless opportunities to hone their academic and social skills as they work independently and in small groups at accomplishable tasks that boost confidence.

The Montessori Method Nurtures Independence

Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori Method in the early 1900s. It’s a specific child-centered education method that involves child-led activities, referred to as “work,” classrooms with children of varying ages, and teachers who encourage independence among their pupils.

Daily Lessons Include Good Citizenry & Character Building

Education not only encompasses math, science, art, and literature but also developing practical life skills and politely interacting with others. When children have self-esteem and strong social skills, it helps them become confident learners.

Empowering Your Child With Freedom Of Choice

Our self-driven approach to learning and exploration encourages children to develop their unique talents, abilities, and problem-solving skills. The world-famous RIE® philosophy is incorporated to raise self-sufficient thinkers who feel equipped to make their own decisions.

Learning To Love The Natural World

Daily nature experiences are organized to provide your child with a broad understanding of ecological systems, flora, and fauna. They are encouraged to run through the woods, plant gardens, dig for critters, and build forts thanks to plenty of unstructured outdoor play.

Montessori Fosters The Best Of The Best

Adopted by elite executives in Silicon Valley, top doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, and professionals in every field, you’ll find the best of the best come from a Montessori background. A loving, caring, and nurturing educational environment matters.

Practical Life Skills Are Know-How For Daily Living

The Montessori curriculum invites your child to dress, wash their hands, clean up after themselves, and help others do the same, so they gain the know-how they’ll need for daily life. This practice at school will give them the skills to use at home.

Your Child Takes Charge Of The Montessori Learning Experience

Montessori education develops capable, accountable, knowledgeable people who can think for themselves. Your child makes choices early, guided by their interests.

Cadence Education’s Montessori Programs

Our authentic Montessori programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers provide children with the tools they need to grow themselves. Cadence Education teachers guide children through their self-discovery and learning process. Our nurturing environment will help your child develop practical life skills and gain a lifelong love of learning.

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We provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.

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