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About Light Farms Montessori Academy in Celina

Welcome to Light Farms Montessori Academy! Our Mission is to guide and support the full development of the child – socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically through the Montessori teaching method.

At Light Farms Montessori Academy, our vision is to prepare children for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning through a high quality education. By providing a nurturing, encouraging, and unhurried learning environment, Light Farms Montessori develops each child’s personal identity and academic ability.

At Light Farms Montessori, we deeply adhere to Maria Montessori’s philosophy that education should be child-centered, viewing the child holistically. At our school, children are able to develop and expand their knowledge of academic subjects such as language, mathematics, geography, and science in a supportive environment. We also give importance to the psychological, cognitive, and social development of the child as we promote character development and help foster a sense of community.

Children are encouraged to develop all aspects of their identity to become responsible citizens, knowledgeable in a variety of subjects. Light Farms Montessori Academy students graduate with a high level of confidence and social competence, these fundamental strengths aid them on their road to success in higher education and help them make a positive impact in the global community.

Light Farms Montessori Academy mission is to provide a unique learning environment for children. We encourage a well-rounded education, developing character as well as teaching academic expertise.

Children are allowed to learn at their own pace by pursuing what they wish with the help and encouragement from our highly experienced and Montessori-trained teachers. Our small class sizes and individualized attention allows them to grow and learn according to their needs and abilities. They are taught an understanding of diversity through a multi-cultural setting exploring different languages, foods, music and other cultural aspects, respecting and celebrating our unique differences. Children experience a abundance of extra-curricular activities, such as art, dance, and music, in order to give them exposure to their disparate interests. We hope our love of teaching and your child’s love of learning will accumulate into a well-rounded and holistic education.

It is Light Farms Montessori goal to give your child everything he or she deserves and to provide all that we can in order to prepare them for a successful future through our unique environment and way of teaching.

Our Montessori Programs

  • Nido – We know that it’s hard for new parents to leave their infant in the care of someone else. Our infant room teachers do everything possible to put your minds at ease. Our program is set up to duplicate the loving care and gentle stimulation that infants need in order to grow and develop to their full potential.
  • Pre-Primary – We focus on fine motor development activities with activities such as copying and tracing letters and numbers with crayons to strengthen little hands. There are activities to draw, color, write, pinprick, and cut, thereby following the children’s interests as well as giving us a chance to encourage good techniques such as proper grip and posture.
  • Primary – Children are able to move about and choose materials from easily accessible cells. They work on floor mats or at small tables to complete the tasks set by the activity they have chosen to do. A key principle that underlies and guides activities in a Montessori classroom is respect. Adults respect each child as an individual and unique learner. Children learn to respect not only their elders but also each other and the learning materials through the lessons of grace and courtesy and the exposure to positive role models. Although a part of every day is devoted to individual work, children also enjoy social activities such as singing, storytelling, and outdoor play in order to make sure that they receive a well-rounded education. Older children will also begin learning a foreign language in this classroom.
  • Before and After School Care – Our school provides a safe environment for children to stay and includes a drop-off to their respective elementary schools in time for their classes.
    Our buses pick up children enrolled in the after school program from their respective elementary schools after the school day is over. The after school program is designed with interest centers that children self-select. After completing their homework, children can choose among a variety of activities like reading, crafts, computers, music, games, and puzzles. These activities will not only build knowledge and skill, but also improve social interactions with other same age children.
  • Summer Camps – The camps are for the full day and are planned to keep children involved throughout the day. We also provide a number of field trips that are planned in line with the specific week’s theme, giving an opportunity for children to visit local museums, learning centers, and participate in fun activities so they can experience first-hand what they have learned during the week.


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If you are looking for the best Montessori school in Celina, look no further! Throughout the years, we have been able to spread our love for educating children of different communities around Dallas while maintaining the basic Montessori methods for developing academic, practical, and social skills. Although we have expanded physically, our culture and core principles have remained the same as when we started. As teachers, our children’s interest and well-being is our highest priority. We understand the importance of these formative years and closely monitor the academic and social progress of our children.

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Reviews from Parents

4.6 Rating based on 18 Reviews Leave A Review
ashley machel • Google
We have been with Light Farms Montessori since 2016 when my oldest daughter was 3 months old. Fast forward to today, and she is now in kindergarten with an incredible head start. Additionally, our youngest daughter (2) has been part of the LFM family since she was also 3 months old. Every teacher we have encountered in our 6 years at Light Farms Montessori has been exceptional. We are so grateful for their love and care for our children. As full time working parents, we can ask for nothing more than to have a group love our children as their own while in their care. Our youngest daughter (2) is currently in Ms. Jaime’s class and she is thriving. Ms. Jaime is an incredible teacher (and human being)! Our daughter is excelling and ahead developmentally which we know is a direct reflection of her teacher and environment. Ms. Jaime is a topic of conversation from our daughter at our house every morning, evening and even on weekends. Our daughter truly loves her and is always so excited to go to school to see “her” Jaime. She lights up every morning when we drop her off and is so excited to learn. Ms. Jaime truly cares for the kids in her class and is constantly going above and beyond to help them grow. Our daughter has been so wonderfully cared for and we are just so grateful that she is in Ms. Jaime’s care. The amazing care doesn’t stop there! We cannot say enough good things about the teachers and staff members, assistant director and director at LFM. We could not ask for better care for our girls. Thank you LFM!
Nic Blundell • Google
We are very fortunate to have Light Farms Montessori for our daughters. A place we know our girls are able to learn and play safely and happily. All members of the Light Farms staff are incredible. Seeing our daughter light up and jump for joy every time she sees Ms. Jaime and hearing about Ms. Jaime before and after daycare leaves us with a feeling of comfort and peace. From day one, Ms. Jaime has been nothing short of exceptional with our daughter. Rarely do you find a teacher that cares so deeply for the kiddos in the way Ms. Jaime does. She ensured our daughter was fully prepared to move into the next class, equipped with important life skills that will allow her to accel and thrive. She is truly one of a kind. Thank you, Ms. Jaime. Ms. Dilshad is also incredible. She has taught both our daughters and its amazing to see how much they have learned and grown while in her classroom. The skills learned in Ms. Dilshad's class have not only prepared our daughter for Kindergarten, but they're skills that are foundational to being responsible, caring, and thoughtful little humans. Thank you, Ms. Dilshad
Casie Adams • Google
Ms Gabby is THE BEST! So patient and sweet with our 3 year old. She has amazed us! She continues to shower our son with love and always makes him feel safe! He has learned and progressed so much since being her in class. We couldn’t ask for a better pre-primary teacher.
Elizabeth Robertson • Google
Light Farms Montessori has been such a blessing to us and our babies!!! The most important thing to me is that my children are well loved and all the teachers excel at loving our kids as if they are their own. Mrs. Jamie taught my daughter and will be teaching my son in a little over a year and I am so excited!! She has been such an angel and truly loves the kids she has in her class. My daughter learned so much in her class and I feel she is very advanced for her age which I believe is a tribute to how Mrs. Jamie leads and guides the kids in her class. She teaches them far beyond the requirements when it comes to education but also about being a loving, respectful, and kind individual! My daughter has moved up in her class since she is now three and is loving her new class as well. With this being said, Mrs. Jamie made such an impact on our daughter and us that we have stayed close to her! She is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and if your child gets to be part of her class know that they are in the BEST hands! We were also at LFM when during the pandemic and they handled it so professionally and with great caution while also helping the children not to feel the impact or stress that us adults (parents and teachers) were feeling during that time. As I stated my son is at LFM as well and we are excited for when he is old enough to move to Mrs. Jamie's class. He is currently in the Infant room and has been thriving. The teachers in this room are so sweet, gentle, calm, and caring. Ms. Trish is so loving with our boy and he gets excited to see her and the other teachers each morning at drop off. All the teachers are great at caring for the babies as well as providing parents with guidance and feedback whether it be what new foods to start bringing for the littles to try, progress your baby is making, and how their overall day was. It is such a comfort for us as parents to have LFM to take our kids to and know that they are being protected, loved, and educated during there time at school!!

Light Farms Montessori

Celina, TX

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