Infant Care

Our Infant Program is Designed to Give You Peace of Mind

Are you looking for a safe and nurturing place where your baby can receive loving care and learning experiences? Our Infant Care Program is committed to making the first transition away from home natural and easy for both you and your child.

In our calm and secure environment, our teachers will spend ample amounts of time rocking, cuddling, talking, singing, and engaging with your little one. Through thoughtful efforts, they will turn ordinary caregiving routines into teachable moments, based on individual needs and developmental level, following a curriculum designed for even our youngest learners. 

Babies experience rapid physical growth and brain development during the first two years of life, and they use their senses and motor skills to help them comprehend the world around them. Cognitive development is fostered by the environment, nourishment, care, and stimulation to which a baby is exposed.  

We are committed to providing positive environments which stimulate brain development, so infants have plenty of opportunities to develop their motor skills and explore with all their senses. 

When To Send Your Child to Infant Daycare

Our infant daycare program invites children starting at the age of six weeks up to 18 months. Though our program begins at six weeks, there’s no pressure to send your child right away. Choosing when you send your infant to daycare is a personal decision that must be made based on your family’s schedule. 

What makes a quality infant care program?

When choosing an infant daycare, you’ll want to find a quality program. As you begin your search, look for the following factors to ensure you are choosing the right program for your child. 

  • > Secure Environment. Your infant’s security should be the top priority for an infant daycare. Don’t be afraid to ask about the safety measures a program takes to ensure your child is protected. 
  • > Accreditation. Though accreditation is not required for infant care facilities, this shows that the program goes above and beyond to provide a high-quality experience. 
  • > Small Class Sizes. Caring for multiple infants at once can be a monumental task. You’ll want to ensure that the infant care program you choose has small classes and a reasonable teacher-to-child ratio. 
  • > Defined Areas. When touring a program, make sure they have defined areas for playing, sleeping, eating, and more. This ensures that teachers know where your child is in the room and sets boundaries that keep children safe. 
  • > Positive Interactions. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the teachers in the program are positive influences on your child. When you go to tour a program, watch how teachers interact with your infant and determine whether these interactions are favorable. 

Preparing Your Child to THRIVE

Your child is unique, and we are happy to provide an educational, fun, and nurturing environment where each child can develop and thrive in order to build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

A Place As Nurturing As Home

As parents, we understand how hard it can be to entrust the care of your infant to someone else. Of course, you want to be there for each smile, squirm, and squeal. With our infant daycare program, you will. We take a partnership approach with parents, from working with you to developing your baby’s daily schedule to capturing special moments with photos and sending them to you. Each day, you receive detailed written reports of your little one’s feeding, sleeping, diapering, and learning activities. At our infant daycare program, we make sure this first transition away from home is smooth and joyful for you and your baby.

Fostering Foundational Skills

Experiences during your child’s first three years of life are pivotal to his or her physical, intellectual, and socio-emotional growth. In fact, 82% of the brain develops during this time. Through personalized care and engaging activities in a calm, secure environment, our professional team fosters your baby’s early foundational skills.


Early brain development is dependent on a multitude of factors, including caregiver responsiveness, exposure to language and conversation, nutrition, and physical activity. In our daycare curriculum, we take a holistic approach to support growth in all areas.


Recent brain research reveals that emotional and cognitive development are closely interrelated. Providing responsive caregiving to infants not only helps them begin to regulate their emotions and gain a sense of safety and predictability in their social environments but also strongly supports attention and learning.


The development of small and large muscles is important during these early years of life. Whether your baby is just starting to raise his or her head, rolling from stomach to back, or taking that first step, our nursery offers plenty of comfortable space for him or her to practice these burgeoning motor skills in a safe and secure environment.

Developmental Activities Include:

Attentive Talking: Language is key to learning for infants — and not just hearing a steady stream of words. Research indicates a back-and-forth exchange of words, sounds, and expressions between caregiver and child is an active ingredient to brain development. Throughout all hours of daycare school, our caregivers not only talk to your baby but also tune in to their responses and encourage vocalizing and babbling.

Story Time: It’s never too early to start reading to children. Every day, our professional caregivers read to your baby, which boosts his or her awareness, listening, and memory skills.

Rhyming & Singing: Song and music strengthen cognitive skills and enhance babies’ moods. Our caregivers are often singing and cooing to your infant, creating a loving and positive environment.

Rocking & Cuddling: Caregivers provide continual physical and emotional support to your infant through rocking and cuddling. These early interactions positively influence socio-emotional development.

Baby Signs®: Before even learning to talk, your baby can communicate when he or she is hungry, tired, hot, or cold through Baby Signs®, the original sign language program for infants. Baby Signs® has proven to be an effective tool for minimizing infants’ frustration with communication and boosting emotional development.

Positive Play: Our experienced teachers encourage play with carefully selected toys to help develop your infant’s gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, and creative and cognitive skills.

Safety First: As they develop their motor skills and minds, babies need plenty of room to move and explore. To ensure your little one’s safety, the nursery in our infant program complies with the strictest state and federal safety regulations, as well as those imposed by toy and equipment manufacturers.

Your Baby’s Home Away from Home

The first few years lay the foundation for success for the rest of your child’s life, and we know you wish you could be there for each and every moment. That’s why we offer a collaborative infant daycare program. Our staff and caregivers work so closely with parents that they often feel we are extended family. Our approach to infant child care is as professional as it is personal. Through research-informed environments and activities, we help foster essential skills for school and life, while nurturing your baby’s pivotal early development.

Our Promise

We provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.

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