Partnership in perspective.

We understand the complexities of selling a childcare business.

We know there are 100 questions (if not more) on your mind when considering selling your business.  Our team of experienced childcare operators, some former business owners like you, is here to answer your questions… with no obligations. Our goal is to discover your goals and structure a partnership that works best for you.  The Cadence team will meet with you to learn about your school(s) and share information about the way we do business.  While team meetings are not a new trend or concept, it has been shown that a ‘business cadence’ is an effective way of managing transitions and resources. We will have a rhythm of in-depth, transparent, and honest conversations.

“Having built my business from scratch, one of my biggest concerns was the continuation of the business as we established it and how the staff would be treated, some of whom had been with us from the start.  It gave me a great deal of pleasure on post sale visits to see the operation running as always and to have several staff tell me how much they appreciated us keeping their interests in mind when selling the business.  Cadence did a great job in explaining the new benefits and putting their concerns at ease.”

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4 Questions We Can Answer Right Now

There are 4 stand out questions for every childcare business owner when considering this process:

Who is Cadence Education?

This one is easy. With more than 300 private preschools and elementary schools, Cadence Education is one of the premier early childhood educators in the United States. Our mission is to provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home. Many of our key team members came to Cadence through acquisition and have been excited to stay on and help the company grow.  We are parents of children in our schools, we have been teachers and educators, we understand the perspective of all stakeholders and we work hard to create solutions that benefit everyone.

Why Choose Cadence as Your Partner?

We know you have choices. Being a great partner requires a team with a perpetual transformation mindset. Deals and decisions evolve by the minute, especially with a business you have poured so much passion, time, and energy into for years. We recognize that and adapt to meet your needs.

We believe we are the best at what we do.  We know we are great at childcare and early childhood education, and we are great at supporting our people.  We are great at working with sellers to find the timeline that works best for them, and our team of experts is here to thoroughly explain each part of the process. We are great at helping our owner partners happily walk away from their venture with maximum profit and with their employees, and students, in great hands. Just as we teach the children in our care, honesty is always the best policy, we have built a streamlined process that is transparent and straightforward.

Cadence Education can offer you and your school(s):

  • An experienced integration team prepared to work closely with you to create a transition plan that best serves your timeline and the needs of your employees and customers
  • Dedicated School Support Center focused on serving your employees and providing resources, systems, training, and support so they can focus on the education and needs of the children in their care
  • Educational programs and curriculum support proven to help children prepare for kindergarten
  • Strategies and tools for your school to offer best in class customer service, retain your existing customers and grow the school’s enrollment
  • Transition solutions focused on retaining your talented staff and creating growth opportunities for those who are interested
  • Excellent employee benefits including affordable health, dental and vision plan options, retirement savings account, childcare discounts, and generous paid time off
  • Attractive financial returns for both your business and real estate investments as a result of our strong partnerships with leading REITs
  • Peace of mind that your school(s) will be guided by an experienced operator that honors the history and legacy of your brand

Whether you are ready for retirement or ready to pivot into your next venture, we are excited to hear your story and learn about the amazing business you built.  We can steward your school, your people, and your brand while also helping you realize the return for your hard work, investment, sacrifice, and dedication!

Contact Us About Selling Your Business

To receive information about enrolling, visiting the school, availability, and/or pricing, please click here.

What Are the Benefits of a Cadence Partnership?

High Quality Operator

Stable & Capable Partner

A Team that will take care of staff and families

How Does the Cadence Acquisition Process Look?

What's Next?

Start the conversation.

Cadence is the flow or rhythm of communication between people, in this case between you, an education business owner, and our Cadence Education team with a proven track record in acquiring high-quality schools. 

Take Your Time

The tempo might not be the same for each business owner, and we know that. We take the time to get to know you, your business, your community, and the impact your school or schools has had over time. 

We Respect All You've Done

Each and every transaction in our history has played an important role in our organic company growth.  We have great respect for the brand you have built and cannot wait to learn more about it – and you!

Key Terms

Non-Disclosure Agreement: Agree to mutual confidentiality of data and discussions while exploring a potential transaction 

Preliminary Information Request: Provide high-level information on the practice, including financial information and operational metrics to educate AVP on the practice 

Valuation Discussion: Jointly develop the practice valuation and terms of a transaction 

Letter of Intent: Key terms of a partnership agreed to in a non-binding agreement 

Due Diligence: Investigative phase of transaction process to confirm all information provided by the practice. Includes third-party diligence (accounting, legal, compliance) 

Transaction Documents: Purchase agreement, employment agreements, real estate leases, etc. 

Transaction Closing: Documents signed; proceeds wired 

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