Toddler Care

In Our Toddler Program, Children Can Learn in a Fun and Loving Environment That’s as Nurturing as Home

Our Toddler Program is specifically tailored to the needs of your busy toddler. We lovingly nurture your child through important early milestones, from “self-help” learning skills such as hand washing and putting away their toys, to socializing and forming first friendships. We continue to teach and use Baby Sign Language® as a form of communication through actions while our toddlers further develop their verbal language skills. And, as in all our programs, we make learning fun! 

Preparing Your Child to THRIVE

Your child is unique, and we are happy to provide an educational, fun and nurturing environment where each child can develop and thrive in order to build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

Exploration, Discovery, and Learning for Your Toddler

In our toddler daycare program, your little one can channel his or her seemingly boundless energy and curiosity into fun activities in a safe, stimulating environment. Professional, patient caregivers guide your toddler through this period of immense growth, fostering cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development through art, movement, music, reading, and active outdoor playtime. Within our well-structured toddler programs, your child will have plenty of choices with which to express his or her blossoming independence and self-confidence.

Boosting Your Toddler’s Early Development

Walking and talking at age two, your child is especially inquisitive about the world, and these are prime years for learning. The brain’s ability to develop with new stimuli is greatest in children under three because this is when trillions of brain-cell connections called neural synapses form. Unfortunately, synapses that fail to connect are lost forever. Our learning centers for toddlers are designed to stimulate early development through fun, engaging activities.


A host of factors influence brain development during these formative years. Chief among them are the safety and security of the environment, responsiveness of caregivers, and exposure to talking, reading, singing, and other mentally stimulating activities.


Understanding individual feelings and the feelings of others, managing emotions in a constructive manner, regulating behavior, and maintaining relationships are essential to healthy socio-emotional development in toddlers. Positive ongoing relationships with nurturing caregivers and communication about thoughts and feelings are important as toddlers discover themselves, peers, and adults.


Eager to explore the world around them and their newfound physical abilities, toddlers’ little bodies sometimes struggle to keep up with their imagination. As their gross and fine motor skills continue to develop, toddlers need plenty of safe indoor and outdoor spaces to walk, jump, run, and play.

Encouraging Curiosity, Confidence, and Cooperation

Our early learning curriculum is designed for curious minds and active little bodies. We understand that during this time of peak early development, two- and three-year-olds need secure environments and stimulating experiences. In small classroom settings, our skilled teachers fill your child’s daily routine with a host of engaging activities: arts and crafts, imaginative play, language, rhyming, and counting. Regularly making independent choices and working with a group of peers helps your child gain the strong cooperation skills and confidence necessary for success in preschool and beyond.

Birth to age three are the most important years in a child’s development, indicates recent brain research. During this time, your toddler is growing in leaps and bounds not only cognitively but also socially, emotionally, and physically. At our schools, we focus on all areas of development so that your youngster can reap the full benefits of a well-balanced early childhood education, which studies show can lead to long-term improvement in school success and higher educational attainment.

Developmental Activities Include:

Q & A Time: “What?” “Why?” and “How?” are likely your toddler’s favorite words after “Me” and “Mine.” Our skilled teachers inform your child’s expanding world and blossoming language skills by encouraging his or her natural curiosity through a routine exchange of questions and answers.

Love of Literacy: An early love of reading helps children build a strong vocabulary, setting them up for a lifetime of engaged learning. Our patient teachers devote time daily to reading and literary reflection throughout all our early childhood education programs.

Speaking Spanish: Since the foundation of thinking and learning form in a child’s first three years, an early learning program is the ideal place to introduce a second language. Why not the second most popular one in the world—Spanish? Spanish vocabulary words, stories, and activities are integrated into our early learning curriculum and sent home for further practice.

Growing Up Fit: Energetic two- and three-year-olds learn through movement. Our early childhood center fosters a lifelong commitment to health and fitness through fun exercises and activities that can also be practiced at home with the family.

Child-Friendly Classroom: The world may seem like a big place to children, but their classroom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In our early learning program, your toddler is easily able to reach toys and supplies thanks to low, open shelves. Kids also learn to choose and then replace toys in colorful tubs and boxes labeled with photos and words.

Potty Training: We understand that each child potty trains at his or her own pace, so our nurturing caregivers provide a secure, supportive environment to ease the process.

Developing Foundational Skills through Fun

The experiences and interactions your child has during his or her first three years are critical to lifelong success. We understand that toddlers learn best through exploration, experimentation, discovery—and, most of all, fun. We’ve designed our toddler programs to engage your youngster in playful, entertaining ways while also constructing the strong neural scaffolding upon which later skills will be built.

Our Promise

We provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.

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