Our Promise

Exceptional Education

Cadence Education schools use an expertly developed curriculum refined over the years to give every student skills and confidence for the next step in their life. We are dedicated to the social, emotional and academic development of every child in our care.

Our KIND CHILD coursework emphasizes social skills, courtesy, and internal values.

KINDERGARTEN CLUB prepares pre-kinder­garten students with key skills to excel in problem-solving, mathematics, reading/writing, social studies, and science.

A 2017 research study shows 90% of Cadence Education students to be ready for Kinder­garten. Nearly 2 out of every 3 students tested at an advanced readiness!*

*Study using Scholastic Kindergarten readiness test conducted with 2,193 4-year-olds enrolled in a full-time program, who had been with Cadence Education at least a year.

Fun-filled Days

Young children learn best when they’re having fun! The flexibility built into our curriculum allows our teachers to modify learning activities to match the interests, needs, and learning styles of each student. We want your child’s first educational experiences to be engaging, challenging, and fun so they develop a lifelong love of learning and look forward to coming to school!

Nurturing Environment

Children flourish in environments where they feel comfortable. Our HOMELIKE ENVIRONMENTS reduce tension and make it easier for young children to transition successfully from home to school. We use calming colors, pillows, warm fabrics, and soft lighting to create a nurturing environment where children can relax and feel at home. Our families know their children are getting the finest education from nurturing professionals who make each child’s well-being their life’s work. Our Food For Thought menus ensure that our children are fed nutritious meals and snacks that nurture body and mind. Students also get to participate in special cooking projects, where they learn about balanced eating habits and healthy living. And, late afternoon snacks mean kids don’t come home hungry!


Meaningful Communication

Children thrive when there’s a strong partnership between school and home. Our schools have an open-door policy and we encourage our parents to visit at any time. We also offer a variety of communication pieces to keep parents informed about their child’s day and their overall academic progress. As part of our commitment to keeping our families happy, we do a survey twice a year to gauge customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and our families seem to love us! To learn more about the survey, we use: 

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Our Promise

We provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.

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