What is Universal Preschool? [Pros and Cons]

Preschool Activities | May 18, 2023

What are the pros and cons of universal preschool? This blog by Cadence Education explains.

Social-Emotional Skills in Preschool: Building Valuable Skills

Preschool Activities | April 18, 2023

Social-emotional skills provide preschoolers with the valuable tools they need to succeed in life. Find a Cadence Education-accredited school near you today.

What To Look For in a Preschool [Top Tips From The Experts]

Preschool Activities | March 2, 2023

What should parents look for in a preschool? This expert guide lists top considerations for parents looking for the right preschool program for their children.

Preschool Checklist For Parents [The Full Guide]

Get your child ready for preschool with this comprehensive checklist for parents and ensure a smooth transition for your child’s educational journey

Musical Freeze Shapes

Preschool Activities | July 17, 2020

Stop When I Say Freeze! Draw different shapes/numbers/letters on the sidewalk. Play cheerful music and have your child run, jump, or skip from one drawing to another.  When you stop… Read More

Watercolor Expressions

Preschool Activities | July 17, 2020

Get Ready to Express Yourself! Have your child draw pictures with special watercolor pencils, then brush clear water over their pictures to create instant blurry watercolor creations! Age-appropriate Adaptations: Two-year-olds—Two’s… Read More

Fast Fries

Preschool Activities | July 17, 2020

Do You Want Fries With That? Yellow sponges are cut into strips resembling French fries.  Obtain a supply of cardboard fast food fry containers.  The teacher then writes either numbers… Read More

Let’s Do Dominoes

Preschool Activities | July 17, 2020

The Domino Effect Children are encouraged to count and pattern the dominoes using cards to guide them.  They are also encouraged to experiment to see how the falling dominoes affect… Read More

Fruit Salad

Preschool Activities | July 17, 2020

Find That Fruit! Children can match the shapes and colors using Velcro to attach them.  Language development should be encouraged by asking the children what shape the piece is, what… Read More

Cultural Understanding

Preschool Activities | July 10, 2020

Ready… Set… Explore! This month we are exploring citizenship in our Cultural Understanding portion of our Ascend curriculum, and are also exploring other countries and cultures. With the previous celebration of… Read More

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