Creative Expressions Activity

Preschool Activities | May 22, 2020

Look What I Can Make Drawing in preschool is not only an opportunity for children to develop creativity; it also supports their fine-motor skills, self-expression, communication, and pre-writing skills. As your child matures, he will progress from abstract, scribble drawing to more defined artwork with identifiable objects. When children first start drawing people, they typically… Read More

A Fun Science Activity

Preschool Activities | May 21, 2020

Which Cup Has More? This month we are exploring the concept of the conservation of liquids, which is the principle that a certain volume of water will remain the same no matter what shape container it is placed in. For example, a pint of water will be the same amount in a short, wide container… Read More

Problem Solving: Asking For Help

Preschool Activities | May 21, 2020

Can You Help Me? Children encounter problems throughout their day. In any problem, there can be multiple solutions, including fixing the problem independently, walking away and ignoring the problem, and asking for help from a friend or trusted adult. Not all solutions will work for every type of problem. Share how some problems need outside… Read More

A Fun Poetry Activity

Preschool Activities | May 21, 2020

Poetry Time Poetry uses rhyming and descriptive words to tell a story in a linguistically rich way. It can help boost your child’s phonemic awareness and vocabulary. Take time to read (and even write) poetry with your child this week. Age-appropriate Adaptations: Two-year-olds—Read children’s books that include poetry or rhyming words. Check out poems by… Read More

Sequencing Activity

Preschool Activities | May 21, 2020

Wait, What Day Is It? When you’re at home for extended periods, it can be easy to lose track of time. To help keep your child (and yourself) on track, take a few moments to review the order and sequence of a calendar together. Try some of the following activities to support this skill at… Read More

Developing Independence Activity

Preschool Activities | May 21, 2020

I Can Do It Myself! Self-dressing is an important kindergarten readiness skill that supports children’s developing independence and fine motor skills. In preschool, your child should master how to independently put on their shirts, pants, socks, shoes, coats, hats, and gloves. They should also be able to work buttons, zippers, and buckles with a little… Read More

Counting Is Fun!

Preschool Activities | May 21, 2020

Counting Made Fun Counting is one of the first concepts of mathematics in a child’s life. Giving preschoolers a solid foundation in early math literacy is critical to their future academic success, not to mention how important it is to their day-to-day functioning. But counting can be memorized by children, just like how children often… Read More

Las Formas

Preschool Activities | May 20, 2020

Las Formas (The Shapes) This month we are learning all about shapes. Does your child know that there is more than one way that people can name shapes, including English, Spanish, and non-verbal ways such as sign language? When children learn other ways to talk with people, they can interact with more diverse people around… Read More

Exploring Vertical Space

Preschool Activities | May 19, 2020

High, Middle & Low For this activity tell your child to put their hands on their shoulders and then raise their arms overhead and say, “This is your high space.”  Then ask your child to touch their shoulders and then the area joining the leg to hip and say, “This is your middle space.”  Finally,… Read More

3D Art

Preschool Activities | May 19, 2020

Inspire Creativity You can introduce this activity to your child by reminding them of sculptures they may have seen in their community.  Give your child a piece of Styrofoam to use as the base of the sculpture.  Show your child all the different materials they can use to build their sculpture.  Encourage your child to… Read More

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