Fine Motor Activity: Poms and Whisk

Supplies: Pom Poms (various colors) and Whisk

Directions: Show your child how to put the pom poms in the whisk and shake it all around. Have your child repeat what you’ve done and away they go!

Skills Learned: Beginnings to show interest and some control in manipulating art materials. Trying to use pincer grip to pick up objects. Fine motor skills. Following one step directions.


Math & Manipulative Activity: Shape Match

Supplies: 2 Copies of Any Shape Matching Worksheet, Colored Pencils, Crayons or Markers & a Cookie Sheet

Directions: Have your kiddo color in one of the shape matching worksheets then cut out the shapes for them. Put the other worksheet on a cookie sheet and have your child match the colored shapes to the shapes on the tray! Take this one step further by discussing the colors they chose and counting the various shapes.

Skills Learned: Begin number recognition. Vocalize numbers out loud. Introduce amounts and quantities. Color recognition. Shape recognition and matching.


Gross Motor Activity: Soul Man

Supplies: Sunglasses & Tambourines (Don’t have a tambourine? Pick any musical instrument around the house!)

Directions: Give your child a pair of sunglasses and tambourine or musical instrument then turn on Soul Man by The Blues Brothers and have a dance party!

Skills Learned: Gross motor skills. Following one step directions. Cultural understanding.


Science & Sensory Activity: Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

Supplies: Water, Clear Bowl, Shaving Cream and Blue Food Coloring

Directions: Place water in the clear bowl. Put the shaving cream on top to form “clouds.” Add the blue food coloring to the top of the clouds. Watch it rain!

Skills Learned: Beginning to understand cause and effect. Repetition of actions to gain desired results. Exploring various liquids. Color recognition. Understand surroundings; sky, clouds, ground, water, etc.


Imagination & Language Learning Activity: Pizza Party!

Supplies: Colored Felt Cut into Pizza and Toppings Shapes, don’t Forget the Cheese!

Directions: Have your child create their very own pizza with felt pieces. Give them all of the different felt toppings and pizza crust and let their imaginations go wild! To take this one step further help your child create a graph and poll the family on their favorite pizzas!

Skills Learned: Fine motor development. Language development. Math and counting.


Kind Child Activity: All Better

Supplies: Stuffed Animals & Band-Aids

Directions: Give your child their favorite stuffed animal and some band-aids. Have your child open the band-aid on their own and place it on the stuffed animals “boo boo.”

Skills Learned: Fine motor development. Language development. Kind Child Culture by teaching empathy and compassion.