Fine Motor Activity: Open & Close Containers

Supplies: A Variety of Containers and Lids

Directions: Gather different variety size containers with lids, some easy open and some harder to open and let your child open and close the containers.

Skills Learned:Develops fine motor skills.  These skills can help your child increase muscle strength and coordination preparing the children or more advance skills such as cutting with scissors.

Imagination & Creativity Activity: Campfire Art

Supplies: Orange, Red and Brown Finger Paint & Construction Paper

Directions: Have your little one put their hands into the paint (or you can paint their hand) then place it onto the construction paper to make a fire with the red and orange paint. Then you can do the same with the brown paint.

Skills Learned: Hand-eye coordination. Develops sensory skills with the paint being on their hands.


Math & Manipulative Activity: Number Magnets

Supplies: Magnet Tiles, Cookie Sheet, Paper & Pen

Directions: With the paper and pen create various number squares that include the physical number and that amount of dots. Tape these pieces of paper onto the magnets. Have your child count the magnets, line them up, stack them and build with them. Have them count the dots and build with that amount of magnets!

Skills Learned: Begin number recognition. Vocalize numbers out loud. Introduce amounts and quantities.


Gross Motor Activity: Making A Fort

Supplies: Lot of Blankets!

Directions: Have your child gather some blankets and help them build a big fort and present to go camping inside of it!

Skills Learned: Gross motor skills. Following one step directions. Imagination development.


Science & Sensory Activity: Gel Germs

Supplies: Zip-lock Bag, Gems, Hair Gel, & Glue

Directions: Have your child combine the colorful gems and hair gel into a zip-lock bag. Glue the bag shut and let your child squish everything together!

Skills Learned: Beginning to understand cause and effect. Exploring various liquids. Color recognition.



Creative Expressions Activity: Watermelon Painting

Supplies: Red Paper Shaped Like A Watermelon Slice & Finger Paint

Directions: Give your child the red watermelon cut out and some finger paint. Encourage them to use their fingers to paint the “seeds” onto the watermelon. Talk about the different sizes that their various fingers create!

Skills Learned: Fine motor development. Language development. Sensory exploration. Following one step instructions.