How long have you been with Cadence?

Five and a half years.

Tell us about your career journey – where did you start and what is your position now?

I began my career journey many years ago (30 to be exact) as an afternoon teacher’s assistant before I entered college. I completed college and received my degree in Early Childhood Education. From there, I held roles such as nanny, lead preschool teacher, assistant director, administrative assistant to the principal at an elementary school of 675 students and 112 teachers and executive director. Five years ago, my Cadence story began. I joined the Cadence family as a school co-director. I moved into a senior director role and then area manager. I now hold the title that I am so proud of, regional director.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Truly…all of it. Building relationships with school leaders, teachers, children and families. The hugs I receive from the children during my school visits. Mentoring and supporting directors and teachers and watching them grow in their role and within Cadence. Collaborating with peers. Providing children and families in our community with high quality care and education.

What is unique about your territory?

What is unique is that each school has a story that comes with special traditions that we proudly uphold and continue.  Whether it is duck races in Ridgefield, Light up “New Hartford” where children and teachers sing carols with the community during the holiday season, Breast cancer awareness parade where the children and teachers make banners and march on the walkway outside of our Hartford school, or swim lessons at our newest school in Brookfield. 

How do you make sure you and your team live the Cadence promise, mission, and values?

By doing exactly that, living it.  We lead with kindness, integrity, and respect.  The foundation we lay is building relationships and partnerships with our children, families, teachers, and community. Transparency and asking for feedback to ensure we are providing parents with peace of mind, by giving children an exceptional education every fun filled day in a place as nurturing as home.  We are dedicated to creating bright futures for everyone who is a part of our Cadence Family. 

How do you encourage your team to foster an inclusive environment and to be the best they can be?

We begin with gratitude and kindness. We have created strong, respectful, and trusting relationships.  I provide and ask for feedback to best support each of them.  Setting clear visions, goals and expectations and communicating often.  We collaborate and celebrate everyone’s wins no matter how small.   When things don’t go as planned, I encourage them to keep a positive attitude, refocus and pivot.   We celebrate that our different backgrounds and experiences bring knowledge to the team. 

How do you believe that Cadence creates bright futures for employees? Do you have any examples of times when Cadence fostered a kind and supportive environment that promotes growth for employees?

I am a perfect example.   Before my initial interview for a co-director role in a Cadence school, I was a bit hesitant because I would be leaving an executive director role. After my interview, I knew I wanted to not only be a part of this Cadence Family and team, but I also saw myself growing within this amazing company. Over these 5 years, with the support of peers and leaders, that growth I envisioned within the company became a reality.  In the time I have been with Cadence, I have been a part of many director and Regional Director conferences, all of which are full of learning opportunities, team building and celebrating one another. As a newer regional director, I was excited to be a part of the first RD bootcamp which consisted of several weeks of focused training sessions where we had the platform to collaborate and grow within our roles. It means so much to feel appreciated, empowered and to be a part of an outstanding region of leaders. To have a TVP who not only believes in me but supports me to be the best leader I can be means so much.