things to do over christmas break

The holiday season is a magical time filled with joy, festivities, and quality family moments. However, as parents, it can be a bit challenging to keep our children engaged and entertained during the Christmas break. 

With school out of session, you may find yourself wondering how to make the most of this precious time, create lasting memories for your little ones, and maintain your sanity. In this article, we’ve got you covered with a list of activities to keep your children busy and entertained, both at home and while traveling. 

Plus, we’ll introduce you to Cadence Education’s winter break school-aged program, an excellent option to supplement your child’s holiday experience.

At-Home Activities for Christmas Break

Here are some of the premier at-home Christmas activities for keeping kids mentally and emotionally fulfilled. 

Crafts and DIY Projects

One way to keep the kids entertained and spark their creativity is through crafts and DIY projects. Gather some supplies and get ready for some fun holiday crafting. From making homemade ornaments to creating holiday-themed cards, there are countless possibilities.

Baking and Cooking

Another enjoyable activity for the whole family is baking and cooking together. Try out some delicious holiday recipes, like gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark, or a hearty winter stew. Not only will you create tasty treats, but you’ll also make cherished memories.

Movie and Game Nights

Cozy up with your family for movie and game nights. Pick some heartwarming holiday films, like “Home Alone” or “The Polar Express,” and enjoy some quality time together. Board games and card games are also fantastic options for family bonding.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Create a festive indoor treasure hunt with holiday-themed clues and hidden treasures. This engaging activity not only keeps children entertained but also promotes problem-solving and teamwork. You can even include small holiday-themed prizes to make it more exciting.

Outdoor Adventures and Travel Options

Let’s delve into the possibilities that await during Christmas break that will keep your children entertained and help you make the most of the winter wonderland.

Local Outdoor Activities

If you’re staying close to home, explore local outdoor activities. Go ice skating, sledding, or try your hand at winter sports. Take nature walks and visit local parks to embrace the beauty of the winter season.

Day Trips and Excursions

Consider planning day trips to nearby attractions or museums. This can be a fantastic opportunity to explore new places and create exciting memories. You could also organize a day trip to a nearby winter wonderland destination for some extra holiday magic. 

Volunteer as a Family

The holiday season is also about giving back. Consider volunteering as a family at a local shelter, food bank, or community organization. This not only instills the values of empathy and kindness in your children but also provides them with a meaningful and rewarding experience.

Alternative Daycare Options

While there are plenty of exciting activities to keep your children engaged during Christmas break, we understand that not everyone can access or afford specialized programs. In such cases, exploring alternative daycare options may be necessary. Here are a couple of alternatives to consider:

Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny can be a viable option if you need someone to look after your children during the Christmas break. Nannies provide one-on-one care and can tailor activities to your child’s needs and interests. Ensure that you conduct thorough interviews, check references, and conduct background checks to ensure the safety and suitability of the caregiver.

Asking a Family Member for Help

If you have family members nearby who are willing and available to help, this can be a great way to ensure your child is cared for during the break. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or older cousins can step in and provide companionship and supervision. However, it’s essential to establish clear expectations and schedules to avoid any misunderstandings.

While these alternative daycare options can work, it’s important to acknowledge that they may not provide the same level of structure and engagement as specialized programs like Cadence Education’s winter break school-aged program. The activities and learning experiences may be limited, and it can be more challenging to maintain consistency during the holidays.

Introducing Cadence Education’s Winter Break School-Aged Program

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and spending quality moments with our loved ones. It’s a time when children eagerly await a break from school, and parents look for ways to make their Christmas break truly special. This is where Cadence Education’s winter break program comes in, offering a remarkable opportunity to elevate your child’s holiday experience. Let’s delve deeper into the program’s key features and benefits:

Structured Learning and Playtime

During Christmas break, it’s essential to strike a balance between learning and play to keep young minds engaged. Cadence Education’s program is meticulously designed to provide this balance. Structured learning activities ensure that your child continues to explore and learn, even during their time off from school. From educational games to creative projects, our curriculum keeps the fun in learning while nurturing your child’s intellectual curiosity.

Qualified and Caring Instructors

Your child’s safety and well-being are our top priorities. That’s why we’ve handpicked a team of highly qualified and caring instructors who are passionate about fostering a positive and nurturing environment. Our instructors are not just educators but mentors who guide, support, and encourage your child throughout their winter break journey. With their expertise and dedication, you can rest assured that your child is in capable hands.

Socialization Opportunities

Socialization is a crucial aspect of a child’s development. Cadence Education’s program provides a fantastic opportunity for your child to interact with peers, fostering the development of essential social skills and forming lasting friendships. The program’s group activities and collaborative projects encourage teamwork, communication, and the building of positive relationships, helping your child grow both academically and socially.

Flexibility and Convenience

We understand that every family’s needs are unique. That’s why Cadence Education offers flexible enrollment options to fit your schedule and preferences. Whether you require full-time or part-time enrollment, our program can accommodate your family’s needs. We aim to make your life easier during the holiday season by providing a convenient and reliable solution for your child’s care and enrichment. 

Testimonials and Success Stories

The best way to understand the impact of Cadence Education’s programs is to hear from those who have experienced it firsthand. Don’t just take our word for it; listen to the stories of parents and children who have participated in our program and how it has enhanced their Christmas break. 

“Cadence Academy is wonderful! The education center is top-notch for customer service, childcare, and provides a great learning environment.” – Ashley

“The school is structured but in a great way that children need for a nurturing but educational environment. This preschool is not a babysitting service but a warm & loving center where my daughter has grown not just emotionally & socially but has thrived academically.” – Christi

Get Started With Cadence Education

Christmas break is a special time for families, and keeping your children engaged and happy is key to making the most of it. Whether you choose to explore at-home activities, embark on outdoor adventures, or consider Cadence Education’s winter break program as an alternative or supplement, the goal is the same: to create cherished memories and ensure that your children have a joyful and stress-free holiday season. 

Here’s to a magical and memorable Christmas break for you and your family, and click here to learn more about the Cadence Education programs.