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We are very proud to be recognized by the readers of Omaha Magazine as the Best Preschool in Omaha!

Do you want more than a traditional daycare, preschool, or child care center in Omaha for your child? Our Omaha Montessori school offers Montessori programs for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Our highly trained and caring staff nurtures each child’s desire to blossom through age-appropriate activities and hands-on learning. Our Omaha Montessori school program guides children to gain independence and self-awareness through embracing Maria Montessori’s principles. 

Montessori-Certified Teachers Expertly Guide Your Child

Instructors at our Omaha Montessori school are equipped with a Bachelor’s degree, as well as two years of Montessori training. Each teacher holds a Montessori AMS accreditation, and our school is an AMS full member site, which means we meet the standards of excellence of Montessori educators worldwide. You can be sure that your child is receiving high-quality Montessori education from our Omaha preschool and daycare staff.  

A Multi-Age Classroom is Ideal for Early Learning

Children learn at their own pace! By placing children of different ages in the same classroom, they can build stronger relationships. Older children can gain leadership qualities and become mentors to their younger peers, and younger children can model after the older children. This arrangement mirrors real-life experiences where the reality is that they will be working with and across many chronological ages as adults. This unique setup prepares children for the real world and adulthood by teaching them how to work together with peers.

Infant Program | 6 Weeks To 18 Months

Your Baby as an Inventor and Explorer With RIE® Educarers®

With the RIE® Educaring® Approach, babies are viewed and spoken to in ways that allow them to be active participants in their daily lives. The deep respect this approach engenders is the start of self-love and self-esteem. Your child’s curiosity is supported through opportunities to learn by selecting their own activities. Hands-on learning led by your child’s interests teaches them that education is something to be enjoyed not endured.

Children Are Given the Space To Explore Freely

If your child is learning to grasp, they will get more grasping opportunities. When they start to pull up, they’ll have more opportunities to pull up in their space. Through observations, teachers follow their interests so that they can explore freely and develop their skills. This child-focused independent learning approach puts your child first to give them the opportunity to teach themselves through natural exploration. Our staff encourages children in their care to see where their curiosity leads them.

Arts and Crafts Spark Your Baby’s Creative Abilities

Your baby will be introduced to expression through art because artistic expression begins early! Through specialized art classes, your child will develop motor skills and explore their imagination through creativity. These educational experiences support a healthy self-image and foster a love for learning. When children are creative, they try new ways of thinking and can practice problem-solving.

Toddler Program | 18 Months To 3 Years 

Art Practice Increases Your Child’s Creativity

At our Omaha Montessori school, your child enters a world of expression and creativity as they choose colors and textures to explore. Art practice also improves fine motor skills, making things like gripping a pencil easier as they grow.  

Each Child Learns at Their Own Pace

By observing your child, providing the right lesson when they’re ready, and letting them practice until mastered, your child excels at every level. Montessori teachers at our preschool emphasize process rather than product. This teaching method nurtures children’s trust and allows them to follow their interests rather than a pre-set curriculum. 

Responding Respectfully With RIE© Educaring©

The RIE® Educaring® approach encourages responding to your child respectfully. We are the only Omaha Montessori school that boasts this additional education level and training for the teaching team that guides your child every day. 

Preschool Program | 2.5 To 6 Years

Montessori Materials That Teach Through Exploration

Your child is free to choose activities guided by their curiosity, to develop their strengths and talents. Montessori materials also have built-in challenges, so your child develops critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. 

Multi-Age Classrooms Help Your Child Learn from Peers

In a multi-age classroom, your child gains inspiration from older students and becomes a leader for younger students. A diverse mini-community helps your child learn through seeing empathy and kindness in action.

Self-Led Learning Builds Critical Thinking Skills

Montessori-educated teachers give equal parts guidance, structure, flexibility, and freedom. Your child practices reasoning as they question, probe, and make connections, growing into enthusiastic, self-directed learners. This independence building prepares them for adulthood and sets them up for future success. 

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If you are interested in learning more about our Omaha Montessori school and enrollment options, give us a call or stop by for a visit at 913 Leawood Drive Omaha, NE 68154. Our caring staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and give you a tour of our facilities.

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Your child is unique, and we are happy to provide an educational, fun, and nurturing environment where each child can develop and thrive in order to build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.