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Musical Freeze Shapes

Stop When I Say Freeze! Draw different shapes/numbers/letters on the sidewalk. Play cheerful music and have your child run, jump, or skip from one drawing to another.  When you stop the music, your child freezes on a drawing and have to identify it before moving on to another one when the music resumes. Age-appropriate Adaptations: […]

Watercolor Expressions

Get Ready to Express Yourself! Have your child draw pictures with special watercolor pencils, then brush clear water over their pictures to create instant blurry watercolor creations! Age-appropriate Adaptations: Two-year-olds—Two’s can color with the watercolor pencils and then paint with water over the top, if desired. Three-year-olds—Three’s can draw whatever they wish with the watercolor […]

Fast Fries

Do You Want Fries With That? Yellow sponges are cut into strips resembling French fries.  Obtain a supply of cardboard fast food fry containers.  The teacher then writes either numbers or simple math problems onto the inside of the French fry containers and the children use tongs (because the fries are hot!) to pick up […]

Let’s Do Dominoes

The Domino Effect Children are encouraged to count and pattern the dominoes using cards to guide them.  They are also encouraged to experiment to see how the falling dominoes affect other dominoes, so this gets into physical science as well.  Fine motor skills also come into play as the children carefully stand the dominoes up.  […]


Fine Motor Activity: Open & Close Containers Supplies: A Variety of Containers and Lids Directions: Gather different variety size containers with lids, some easy open and some harder to open and let your child open and close the containers. Skills Learned:Develops fine motor skills.  These skills can help your child increase muscle strength and coordination […]

Fruit Salad

Find That Fruit! Children can match the shapes and colors using Velcro to attach them.  Language development should be encouraged by asking the children what shape the piece is, what color it is, what kind of fruit are they matching, etc. Age-appropriate Adaptations: Two-year-olds—Sit one-on-one with your child and promote language development by talking about […]


Learning At Home For 1-2 Year Olds Pt. 12

Fine Motor Activity: Poms and Whisk Supplies: Pom Poms (various colors) and Whisk Directions: Show your child how to put the pom poms in the whisk and shake it all around. Have your child repeat what you’ve done and away they go! Skills Learned: Beginnings to show interest and some control in manipulating art materials. […]

Cultural Understanding

Ready… Set… Explore! This month we are exploring citizenship in our Cultural Understanding portion of our Ascend curriculum, and are also exploring other countries and cultures. With the previous celebration of Independence Day on July 4th, this is a great time to explore other cultures and how they celebrate their countries of origin. It’s also a great […]

Sound It Out

In literacy this month, we are sounding out letters while utilizing our senses. By using the five senses, children will retain the knowledge of simple phonics and writing skills they’ve learned critical to school age learning, while having fun in the process. Using materials from the Handwriting Without Tears program utilized in our curriculum, the experience of […]

Compare Size & Weight

Compare the relative size and weight of various objects.  In mathematics this month, we are comparing the size and weight of various objects by utilizing the many tools that we have at our disposal in our classrooms. Our teachers rotate their materials frequently, and make sure there are props for all domains of learning in […]