benefits of daycare

The decision to send your baby to daycare is one that many new parents face with excitement and anxiety. Although there is a glimmer of excitement, it is often overshadowed by guilt as new parents contemplate leaving their little one in the arms of a new caregiver for the first time.

All of these feelings are incredibly normal and to be expected. As you approach this exciting milestone, you too may be wondering if the benefits of daycare outweigh the emotional burden you may be feeling.

The answer is a resounding yes — the advantages of daycare have been researched extensively and found to have positive implications that extend far beyond a child’s day-to-day happiness. From providing parents the time and space needed to support and sustain their families to offering opportunities for socialization and the development of critical skills, the benefits of daycare are abundant.

Here are some common questions we get from new parents at Cadence Education to help you navigate this exciting new chapter of your lives!

Should My Child Attend Daycare?

While the decision for childcare is personal and different for each family, the advantages of daycare are a deciding factor for many parents.

What Age Benefits From Daycare?

From social skills to cognitive growth, there is a lot for new parents to learn when it comes to their child’s growth and development.

Naturally, many parents are equal parts curious, excited, and unsure about what a daycare should provide for their child developmentally.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the daycare benefits for children at each developmental stage:

Why is daycare good for babies? The growth and development that occurs in the first few years of your baby’s life are significant. From ages 0 to 2 months, your baby is setting the foundation for their sense of security and safety. Daycare will offer plenty of opportunities to support this growth.

Why is daycare good for toddlers? By the time your baby is a toddler, their social skills have skyrocketed, and they are actively seeking new experiences. With a love for play, your child’s daycare should provide an engaging environment with stimulating activities, such as sing-alongs, arts and crafts, and imaginative play.

Why is daycare good for kids? A high-quality daycare program will offer fun and engaging experiences that support your child’s development of critical social skills. Some facilities will begin to incorporate school-readiness programs and academics into their curriculum for older kids.

What do Children do at Daycare?

Overall, daycare will provide a safe and nurturing environment with a variety of engaging activities designed to support each child’s developmental needs.

Activities may include:

  • Storytime
  • Music & movement
  • Baby signs
  • Attentive talking
  • Q&A time
  • Rocking & cuddling
  • Arts & crafts
  • Imaginative play
  • Potty training
  • Learning Spanish

Benefits of Daycare for Both Children and Parents

Socialization & Interaction

Your child’s experience at daycare provides an invaluable opportunity for them to develop their budding social skills as they interact with others.

One of the biggest advantages of daycare is your child’s ability to build relationships with other children in a supervised environment. Qualified teachers are trained to support and model prosocial behavior, which can have a long-lasting impact on your child’s social development. Studies have shown that a focus on prosocial behavior in early childhood fosters altruistic traits and emotional intelligence, like empathy and compassion, throughout a child’s life.

Your child’s opportunity to build positive relationships with their new caregivers is also significant in their development, as it will support a strong attachment style, which has significant long-term positive implications on their social and emotional well-being.

Connection & Communication

Stemming from the daily social interactions your child will have at daycare comes countless opportunities for connection and communication. One of the many benefits of daycare is the opportunity for your baby to engage with others in active communication as they make meaningful connections and strengthen their language skills.

The daily exchange of discourse with familiar faces and trained caregivers will promote the development of your child’s communication skills and their ability to express themselves. Having a familiar environment where your child feels safe and comfortable will allow them the confidence to practice their expressive language skills at each developmental stage.

Consistency & Routine

The importance of consistency and routine in early childhood is undeniable – and daycare provides your child (and the entire family) with exactly that.

As new little humans in a big world, children need a solid foundation of structure and stability to learn and grow. Having a consistent schedule and routine is one of the big benefits of daycare: it’s a great way to provide structure for children, which allows them to predict and anticipate what’s next.

Predictability provides children an opportunity to feel in control of their lives and increasingly confident in their place in the world.

Autonomy & Independence

Fostering your child’s autonomy and independence at a young age is essential in setting them up to lead a life as a confident and capable adult. A quality daycare program will provide endless opportunities for children to strengthen their skills, becoming more autonomous and independent each day.

For parents, one of the many advantages of daycare is the independence it offers you as well. In addition to providing time to devote to work and other family duties, your time for independence as a parent is still important, yet often overlooked.

Squeezing in solo time for self-care and activities that support your emotional well-being are essential in being able to care for your family. Even if it’s just a quick 15-minute window where you can take a peaceful pause in your day — everyone needs their independence, and parents are no different.

Help Your Child Thrive at Cadence Education

While the benefits of daycare are undeniable, not all facilities are created equal. That’s why it’s important to find the best daycare for your child.

At Cadence Education, we strive for excellence and are committed to providing an unparalleled level of quality childcare and early education — and have done so for the last 20 years.

We pride ourselves in offering an engaging curriculum customized to each child’s needs in a safe and stimulating environment — all while providing the comforts of home.

With an emphasis on the social development of our entire community, we strive to support your child’s growth in every stage of development, every step of the way.

Find a Cadence facility near you to enjoy the benefits of daycare for your entire family as you grow together and watch your child thrive.