what makes a good preschool teacher

Preschool is an exciting time for parents and children alike. As the little ones start being more independent and curious about their surroundings, having a teacher that provides kids with plenty of opportunities to explore is ideal. Remember that this person will play a huge role in your child’s formative years, so it’s okay to be a little more discerning. What makes a good preschool teacher? We listed 10 stellar trails you should look for.

10 Qualities of a Good Preschool Teacher

The quality of the teaching staff matters in your search for the right preschool. In addition to their experience and educational background, here are some stellar traits you should look for in a preschool teacher.

Commitment to Education

A teacher’s commitment to continuing their education directly benefits a child’s success in and outside of the classroom. A good preschool teacher is knowledgeable in different methods of teaching and stays updated with industry developments. You’ll know this through their certifications, recognitions, and other accomplishments.


Children are unpredictable. What makes preschool teachers great is their ability to roll with the punches with ease and grace. Planning for the unexpected and revising when needed allows kids to explore their interests and emotions without fear of negative feedback.


Young children often experience a lot of big emotions and aren’t always sure what to do with them. An empathetic teacher fosters an environment for these big feelings to be expressed, assuring the little ones that they are seen and heard. When handled with care and empathy, children can better navigate these new feelings with confidence.


An organized teacher is a teacher in control. Organization provides the structure needed for children to explore the possibilities of the classroom through clear expectations and guidelines. Being organized creates a healthy environment where both the teacher and the students know what to expect from themselves and each other.


An extra minute of emotional support or allowing more time for an activity or project goes a long way. Patience encourages children to participate in activities and new roles without the fear of being rushed or scolded for their pace. The qualities of a good preschool teacher begin with patience for little humans who are moving according to their comfort.

Cultural Sensitivity

Culturally sensitive classrooms see diversity and differences as celebrations and opportunities for learning and growth. Preschoolers are bound to echo what their teachers think or do because they spend a lot of time together. A good preschool teacher is one who sees children as unique individuals beyond their cultural identity.


Children love activities, more so if they’re done as a group. Incorporating collaborative tasks in the curriculum reflects an educator’s commitment to helping children interact with their environment positively and safely. It also allows children to hone their independent thinking and problem-solving skills and then apply these in a shared setting.


Passionate teachers are the cornerstone of successful classrooms. Educators who demonstrate their love for what they do make wonderful role models for little kids. Passion breeds innovation and creativity — two qualities that inspire children to love learning and excel.


Children learn better and faster if they are free to explore in the classroom. Creative teachers use different teaching methods that keep the little ones constantly curious and explorative. They also encourage participation and independent thinking and celebrate uniqueness. In your preschool search, ask to see the tools that teachers use to connect with little kids.


The best preschool teachers are kind and loving. This genuine love for kids and devotion to teaching is what drives them to always provide loving solutions and joyful learning experiences. When children feel secure and appreciated by their teachers, they are more confident to explore and learn

Find the Best Teachers Who Truly Care for Your Preschoolers

As parents, one of the hardest decisions you can make for your child is where they will go to school and who will teach them, besides you. You need to look for a preschool that provides all the solutions that will set your child up for success academically, physically, and emotionally.

Cadence Education is committed to making this decision easier. Our toddler and preschool programs are built on nurturing environments that encourage positive learning and development. Our unique Kind Child program reinforces these by placing kindness at the core of our culture and curriculum. With kind teachers, a kind school, and a kind community, preschoolers are empowered and better equipped to learn and be their best.

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