nanny quit without notice

If you’re a parent or caregiver and your nanny just quit without notice, you’re probably feeling a range of emotions from anger to confusion. Don’t panic! This can be a difficult situation to deal with, but, thankfully, there are plenty of solutions available. 

This article discusses some immediate steps that working parents can take to find a new nanny, as well as long-term solutions that will help you keep your family’s childcare arrangements stable.

Short-Term Solutions After Your Nanny Quit Without Notice

When your nanny suddenly declares they’re leaving, the immediate action would be to find someone to take care of your child over the next few days or weeks while you look for new arrangements. Here are some quick solutions to consider:

1. Take a few days off from work.

While the thought of taking several days off work may seem daunting when you’re in this situation, it’s okay to be flexible with your time until you get things back on track. If you have no choice but to keep working while this is happening, ask the help of family members or friends to watch over your children so that they are cared for properly until things are fixed — either by getting a nanny or figuring out how to work from home.

2. Share a nanny, if possible.

Consider the possibility of asking family and friends who have nannies to share time in the interim while you go look for more stable arrangements for your child — if they are willing. This can give your child the same amount of care without having to pay more money and making you skip work.

3. Hire a babysitter.

If there’s nobody else available to watch your children when you’re at work, hiring a babysitter is an immediate solution. You can hire a babysitter for a few hours or a few days — whatever length of time that you need. If possible, ask if they have any nanny experience so that they can apply some of what they’ve learned from their past clients to watch over your kids.

Long-Term Childcare Solutions

Of course, you can’t always rely on temporary fixes when it comes to caring for your little one. While the short-term solutions are helpful, your child deserves to be in a stable and predictable environment. Some long-term solutions include:

1. Using an au pair or a similar agency.

If you’ve never used an au pair before, this might be a good time to explore this option. An au pair is a person from a different country who takes on childcare responsibilities in exchange for room and board. They are often more affordable than hiring someone with nanny experience, so this may be worth looking into.

2. Asking your employer about telecommuting options or a more flexible schedule. 

Ask about telecommuting options and other flexible work arrangements so that it’s easier for you to keep up with your children when necessary. Sometimes, employers offer these things without even needing to ask — so it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try.

3. Enrolling your child in daycare.

Look into local preschools and daycare facilities. A preschool or daycare will provide your child with the most stability as they learn new things and meet other children their age. Daycares are excellent for social development, while preschools are great for learning new skills. Children can gain a lot from attending either of these institutions, so make the most of your time looking for childcare by visiting these facilities to see what they have to offer.

Nanny Quit Without Notice? Top Things To Remember

A nanny carries plenty of responsibilities in your household, and yours might have had access to so many personal accounts. Here are some things you should do immediately after your nanny resigns. 

1. Ask for keys back, and change locks and passwords in your home. 

After your nanny has abruptly quit, ask them for their key back (and change all of the locks in the house, if possible). In this way, they cannot just come into your home without permission.

2. Disable access, and remove your child’s nanny from all accounts. 

If your nanny had access to any accounts for you or your child (iTunes account, Amazon account, etc), make sure to remove them immediately. It’s a good idea to change all of your passwords anyway, so this is a great time to do it.

3. Talk to your child about the situation with your nanny. 

Sit down with your child and talk about what happened with the nanny. If they were okay with their nanny leaving, this isn’t necessary. However, if your child was too young to understand or developed an attachment to their nanny, it might be beneficial for you to talk about these feelings with them.

4. Inform your child’s school. 

Let your child’s school know that their nanny is no longer employed. The school should be able to step in and provide assistance while you’re looking for a new nanny, or they might even have suggestions on who you can hire next.

5. Talk to your nanny’s agency (if you used one). 

Contact the agency where you hired your last nanny and let them know that there has been a change in circumstance regarding employment — specifically that the nanny quit without notice. If you are looking for a new caregiver, ask if they have any other potential applicants to suggest.

How Enrolling In Daycare Can Help

Enrolling your child in daycare can be a more long-term and sustainable solution to your childcare concerns, and you won’t have to worry about your nanny suddenly quitting. 

Cadence Education has a wide network of daycare centers and preschools across the U.S. and offers several programs that may coincide with your schedule. In this way, you can head over to your work responsibilities while having peace of mind knowing that your little one is in a safe, caring, and stable environment. 

Talk to the Cadence Education team today to learn more about your short- and long-term options, especially if your nanny suddenly quit without notice. Our caring staff is more than willing to go over the best care solutions for you and your little one.