Respect is an important lesson to teach children, especially when they are still young and impressionable. It’s important for children to respect their friends, teachers, parents, and even themselves! Otherwise, they could unintentionally hurt others, get into trouble, or even become shy and reserved. 

Luckily, there are fun ways to teach children about respect through learning tools for toddlers and kindergartners! One of those ways is to read them children’s books about respect. Here is a list of some of the best children’s books that teach children to respect others, respect themselves, and respect the world around them. Keep reading to see which story you should read your child next!

Start Storytime With One of These Awesome Children’s Books About Respect!

children’s books about respectI Just Don’t Like the Sound of No!

Julia Cook’s I Just Don’t Like the Sound of No! teaches children how to accept no for an answer and disagree respectfully. 

The story follows RJ, a boy who hates being told no. However, throughout the story, he finds lots of praise and even some rewards as he learns how to respond in a respectful way. Additionally, this book comes with tips for parents and educators on how to teach children to accept no as an answer and respond respectfully.

Whoever You Arechildren’s books about respect

Whoever You Are by Mem Fox is a book about respecting others’ differences. Written for children who are four through seven years old, this adorable book shows how children all over the world are all the same on the inside. Even though people may not look the same, speak the same language, or even do the same things, everyone laughs, cries, plays, learns, eats and sleeps. Through artful illustrations and stirring words, you see people of all ages from all over the world. 

Teach your child how to respect others’ differences and recognize similarities, as well as rejoice in them.

children's books about respect

Teach Your Dragon Manners

Steve Herman’s Teach Your Dragon Manners is a fun story about a kid teaching his dragon to respect others. In turn, this story aims to teach children how to show respect to their friends as well as adults. Lessons include how not to be rude, how to use manners, and how not to be disrespectful. This book is packed full of fun illustrations and is written for children in Kindergarten through sixth grade.

children’s books about respectThe Shiny Bee Who Felt Out of Place

Self-respect is just as important as respecting others. 

In this adorable story by Natalie Meraki, a shiny bee who feels like she doesn’t belong is taken on an adventure with a sassy star. The star shows the shiny bee why she can feel at home wherever she is. This story helps children ages 3-9 learn how to feel at home in their own skin, learn that they belong, and understand the meaning of respecting yourself. If your child is shy or nervous, The Shiny Bee Who Felt Out of Place is the perfect story!

Do Unto Otters

Laurie Keller’s Do Unto Otters is a story about having manners and treating others the way you want to be treated. 

When Mr. Rabbit moves to a new neighborhood, he realizes his new neighbors are otters. He doesn’t know anything about otters and wonders if he will like them. In a smart, playful style, Keller shows young readers how to be friendly and neighborly by following the golden rule. Teach your child how to respect all sorts of people with this award-winning book!

children’s books about respectWhat If Everybody Did That?

Ellen Javernick shows the consequences of thoughtless behavior in her cleverly written book, What if Everybody Did That? Some people reason that their actions don’t matter. If they don’t clean up after themselves, if they litter, or if they speak up when they aren’t supposed to, it really isn’t a big deal… right?

This cleverly written story shows that if everybody did those things, the world wouldn’t be such a good place. Written for ages 3-7, What If Everybody Did That shows how even one small bad thing can have a big impact on others. Teach your child respect in a unique, introspective way with this comical story!

BIG: A Little Story About Respect and Self-Esteem

Last but not least, Ingo Blum’s BIG is a fun fable aimed at kids who feel small or overlooked. Written for ages 3-7, this story teaches children self-respect, showing them that they do matter.

The story starts with Lee the flea, who is part of an exciting circus. With so many large, exciting performances, Lee doesn’t feel that he matters. One day, he leaves the circus. This causes a bit of chaos as the circus director frantically searches for him. The story shows children that everyone is unique and talented in his or her own way. If your child has low self-esteem, this fun tale may be the perfect resource to help teach them that they matter.

Continue to Teach Your Children Valuable Lessons!

In addition to reading fun children’s books about respect, you can teach your child in other ways too! Why not enroll them in a preschool that will help cultivate friendly, respectful qualities in children?