For parents with young children on the cusp of starting school, the choice of where to send their kids as their formal education begins is no small matter. It doesn’t help that there are so many different preschools, each with their own teaching philosophies. Sorting among them all can be confusing. 

If you’re looking for a preschool, Houston, TX has hundreds, but not all of them will be the right fit for you and your child. If you haven’t already stopped to consider how different class sizes may affect your child’s education, know that this is one of the vital elements you should consider in your search. We’ve listed some of the best preschools in Houston to help you decide. 

The Best Preschools in Houston 

In choosing among the best preschools in Houston, you should consider the benefits of different teaching methodologies, as the providers might have different approaches. Many of the top preschools in Houston employ the Montessori method, which emphasizes child choice and creativity, while other preschools opt for the more traditional styles of teaching and learning. Here are seven Houston schools you might want to check out. 

Smaller Scholars Montessori Academy, Dairy Ashford

Smaller Scholars Montessori aims to cultivate a lifetime love for learning in children, foster their creative impulses, and boost their confidence. Your child will not only receive a universally-acclaimed education based on the Montessori method, but they will also be taught respect for others, the environment, and themselves. At Smaller Scholars Montessori Dairy Ashford, your children will have the freedom to grow and learn in a way that best fits them. 

Kathy’s Kiddie Corner 

Since 1977, Kathy’s Kiddie Corner has given children a hands-on learning experience overseen by caring instructors. They have an accommodating schedule and provide nutritious meals that help children perform at their very best. They’re also accessible to a wide student and family base, with Texas NCI/child care subsidies accepted. 

Cadence Academy Preschool, La Porte (formerly The Peanut Gallery)

Children learn best in an environment where they are nurtured, and Cadence Academy Preschool’s 30 years of experience in education is proof of their value. At Cadence Academy Preschool, kids will learn within a flexible curriculum that balances their needs with social, emotional, and intellectual development. Through its Kind Child program, children can learn character traits like responsibility, thankfulness, and self-respect. These will help them prepare for kindergarten life. 

Avalon Academy

Each child at Avalon Academy receives an age-appropriate education demonstrating the academy’s dedication to their academic, physical, emotional, and social development. Avalon uses a thematic-based method for its pre-K students, which is optimized for their age. In addition, they provide summer and after-school programs for children older than 5 years. Avalon offers a complete education while encouraging kindness, tolerance, and respect to all fellow students as well as teachers and staff. 

Cadence Academy Preschool, Stone Gate

Your child will receive a personalized learning experience at Cadence Academy Preschool, thanks to Cadence Education’s Ascend Curriculum. Cadence believes that the best way to support a child’s academic skills is to give them control over their own learning processes. 

Students are offered the choice from a variety of experimental and playful activities that help introduce new skills at a reasonable, personalized pace. Moreover, parents have a high involvement in the children’s development. Cadence Education has an open-door policy that allows children to thrive in a strong parent-preschool partnership.

The Honey Tree

Designed with some of the youngest learners in mind, The Honey Tree provides a safe, happy, and healthy learning environment for children from 2.5 years old to pre-K. Child-staff ratios exceed minimum Texas standards, and they can also incorporate Spanish and technology into the classroom experience. Post-preschool after school care is also available.

Smaller Scholars Montessori Academy, Grisby

At Smaller Scholars Montessori Academy, students are encouraged to be actively involved in their own educational choices. The provider encourages children to become more inquisitive, independent learners, so that they may become lifetime creative explorers. Parents are welcome to visit the warm, homelike atmosphere of Smaller Scholars Montessori in Grisby at any time. 

Choose the Perfect Preschool with Cadence Education

The education that your young child receives is an important part of who they will become as they grow older. Choosing from among the best preschools in Houston is, therefore, of paramount importance. Your little one deserves the best right from the start. Cadence Education understands that parents want nothing less than excellence when it comes to their children’s preschool education. 

With Cadence, your child receives a skills-based education that helps them grow into independent problem-solvers, creative thinkers, and lifetime lovers of learning. The top preschools in Houston are waiting to welcome your child. Get in touch with our loving and expert childcare specialists today to find the best preschools in Houston and Texas and give your kids a great jump start on their future.