working at a daycare

If you are interested in spending time teaching the next generation, you may be curious about the benefits of working in childcare. You may have the qualities of a good preschool teacher and could be considering a career change. Or, you may be curious about the perks that come with the job.

In this blog post, we will highlight five awesome benefits that come with working at a daycare or preschool, including:

  • Rewarding Work Experience
  • Discounted Childcare
  • Health Insurance
  • 401K and Life Insurance
  • Good Work-Life Balance

Let’s take a closer look at these advantages of working in childcare.

Advantages of Working at a Daycare

Working with children is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Seeing how much they grow every day while working alongside them can be a humbling experience that makes it difficult to leave at the end of your shift. 

You’ll gain a great deal of satisfaction by giving children the skills they need to succeed in school and life. Here are some of the unique benefits that come with working in early childhood education. 

1. Rewarding Work Experience

One of the benefits of working in early childcare is that you get to see your students grow up before they even reach kindergarten.

You’ll be amazed by how much children can learn and develop within just a few short months, let alone years. You also have the opportunity to work alongside their families through parent-teacher conferences or any other events you may have throughout the year.

This line of work allows you to do something worthwhile and important. You get to help shape future generations. Plus, you get to earn a living for playing games, teaching skills, and spending time with little ones!

2. Discounted Childcare

As a working parent, you know that the cost of childcare is expensive. Some daycares offer discounted childcare for your own children. At Cadence Education, there is a 50% childcare discount!

This benefit makes working in childcare even more rewarding because you get to do something that’s important to you while also lowering the financial burden on your own family.

3. Health Insurance

Many working parents struggle with finding a good healthcare plan. Working at a daycare or preschool gives you the option of enrolling in their health insurance plan as an employee benefit, which is extremely convenient and beneficial for your family. 

At Cadence Education, employees have a choice of 3 medical plans, including prescription drug benefits, designed to meet their needs. This benefit allows working parents to worry less about paying out-of-pocket for medical expenses while staying insured.

4. 401K and Life Insurance

Many working parents may not know that working at a daycare or preschool often gives you access to an employer-sponsored 401K retirement plan. You can save for your future by contributing pre-tax money taken out of each paycheck, which is another benefit working for this type of facility offers their employees.

Additionally, life insurance benefits are also available for working parents who want to make sure their children are taken care of in the event of an untimely death.

5. Good Work-Life Balance

You may have heard that working in early childcare is a demanding job. However, working at a daycare or preschool can be more flexible than other jobs because you have set hours in standardized work weeks, with weekends and paid holidays off.

This means working parents can enjoy a good work-life balance while pursuing a career in early childcare.

Looking To Work at a Daycare?

If working at a daycare or preschool sounds like the perfect job for you, visit the Cadence Education website to learn more about working in early childcare.

We’re currently hiring preschool teachers and assistants throughout the US. Here are a few job openings we currently have:

Preschool Teacher

As a Preschool Teacher, you’ll encourage a positive learning environment for all children. You’ll document and share the important milestones in a child’s day, collaborate with other passionate preschool teachers, and enhance children’s play with language, toys, and activities.

Previous experience as a preschool teacher or in a licensed daycare is preferred, as is an associate’s degree in Child Development or bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development.

Preschool Teacher Assistant

A Preschool Teacher Assistant will work alongside other energetic preschool teachers and leaders to implement an engaging and developmentally appropriate curriculum. 

You’ll encourage and model social behavior and expectations which are developmentally appropriate, and share ideas in planning a daily schedule that provides a balance of activities including quiet/active, indoor/outdoor, fine/gross motor, and more.

Work in Childcare With Cadence Education

Working at a daycare or preschool is rewarding and fun, but working with Cadence Education makes it even better.

We offer you the opportunity to work in early childcare while also giving your family access to benefits such as discounted childcare for your own children, health insurance benefits, 401K retirement plans, and more!

With more than 250 private preschools and elementary schools, Cadence Education is one of the premier early childhood educators in the United States. We have a nurturing environment that encourages positive learning and development for children and have a shared passion for inspiring and educating young children.

We’re currently looking for Preschool Directors, Assistant Directors, Preschool Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Cooks, and Drivers in various markets across the country.

View our career openings to learn more about working with Cadence Education and to fill out an application today.