How long have you been with Cadence?

I have been part of the Cadence family since 2007. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. We were driving by the main road of the same subdivision where we were building our home and I noticed the foundation being poured to the new community preschool. I immediately told my husband, “I’m going to work at that preschool as soon as it opens”. He gave me that look that so many husbands give their wives! (By the way, he still gives me that same look sometimes.)  That thought became a dream, and that dream turned into my family’s biggest blessing.

Tell us about your career journey at Cadence – where did you start and what is your position now?

I’ve been fortunate to be able to wear many hats throughout my journey at Cadence. I started working as an infant teacher for about a year. I became the School Director at the Wildhorse location in San Antonio in 2008 and was there for 11 wonderful years. I was then promoted to Senior Director and was asked to take over a newly acquired school in Leon Springs. I was there for about two years. I was promoted to the Regional Director role for the Southwest Region last year.

What is one of your favorite traditions to honor your heritage?

I feel one of my favorite traditions is basically celebrating. I’m Hispanic/Latino and in my culture, we create opportunities to celebrate or to get together and have a fiesta. We also celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, just to name a few. We incorporate lots of food, music, decorations, family, and friends. I find so much joy and gratitude in doing so. My biggest reward is watching someone’s face light up when it’s time to recognize their special day.

How do you encourage your team to foster an inclusive environment?

By modeling inclusion. We are a big multicultural family at Cadence. I love, serve, and care for all the members in my team, they then go out and model that family culture into our Cadence community. Diversity is welcomed and accepted.

I have been included in a diverse population and have felt at home at Cadence. In our Hispanic culture, our doors are opened to anyone that knocks at our doors. Like my family says, “Mi Casa es Su Casa.” We welcome you, we feed you, and we make you feel like family. That is the culture I have fostered in my schools, “Benvendios a nuestras escuelas!”

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of being a Regional Director would be when I visit schools. I enjoy being able to have insight into what each school’s culture is and what makes them unique. I would say that I share a strong natural bond with each Director.

What recommendations do you have for anyone wanting a career in early childhood education?

I would recommend everyone who is willing to make a positive and heartfelt difference in children’s early memories to pursue a career in early childhood education. This career is very rewarding and a significant journey leaving you with long lasting relationships with many families.