Q&A with Nicole, one of our amazing Area Managers

Our Stories | March 29, 2024

How long have you been with Cadence? I was with Prime-Time Early Learning for 16 years before being acquired by Cadence in 2019, so in total I’ve been in this…

Is Private Preschool Worth It?

Parents' Corner | March 11, 2024

So, is private preschool worth it? Discover the transformative benefits of private preschool education with Cadence Education. Set your child up for success.

Preschool vs Pre K vs Kindergarten: Choosing the Best

Discover the difference between preschool vs Pre-K vs kindergarten and how Cadence Education’s programs build confidence, and prepare children for lifelong success.

What Age Do You Start Kindergarten In Florida?

Parents' Corner | March 4, 2024

Are you wondering what age do you start kindergarten in Florida? Parents can get answers to all their burning questions here at Cadence Education.