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The Waukesha Preschool

Cadence Academy Preschool in Waukesha (formerly All About Learning) is located near the intersection of Hwy 164 and Hwy 18. This center was built specifically for children and their families in August of 1997. We are Accredited through NAC as well as 5 Star Wisconsin quality rated. We have a HUGE indoor play area where children can get out all their energy and learn valuable skills year-round!

At Cadence Academy Preschool in Waukesha, our focus is on the children in everything that we do; from interactive play to active learning, everything is designed to ensure that your children have the best advantage. With our dedicated teaching staff and up-to-date facilities, we know that your children will have a wonderful time being cared for in a nurturing environment.

Waukesha Preschool Programs

At Cadence Academy Preschool in Waukesha, we have a wide variety of childcare programs that focus on aspects of your child’s development, including:

Waukesha Cadence Academy Preschool: The Best Choice

We go beyond the extensive state-regulated requirements to ensure advanced education for every child. At the Waukesha Daycare, we open the doors to acceptance of diversity in every child, teaching the children how to socialize in small group settings. We offer a variety of optional, extra-curricular activities and classes to meet the needs of many families.

Waukesha Daycare: Top-Tier Education

Our teachers focus on letter recognition, following multiple directions, number recognition, manners, recognizing individual differences, and encouraging appropriate social interaction through team projects and play. Our program also introduces basic sign language and some words in other languages.

At our Waukesha Daycare, we understand that every child learns at their own pace. Our staff prioritizes teaching at age level and developing a positive self-image. We encourage a love of learning in every child.

Controlled classroom play encourages your child to be self-controlled, self-directed, and courteous. We will introduce your child to cooperative problem-solving skills by encouraging classmates to communicate with one another to solve simple problems on their own. Weekly take-home lesson plans are used as a guide for parents to encourage further learning.

The Waukesha Preschool Promise

We excel in all 6 standards set by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC). Our standards for administration, family engagement, health and safety, curriculum, interactions between teachers and children, and classroom health and safety are even higher.

Our teachers and staff take a holistic approach to child care. We understand that each child is different, and we strive to meet the needs of every kiddo who walks through our doors. Contact us now to learn all about the Waukesha Preschool guarantee!


NAC Accreditation

The National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC) is a national accreditation program that was developed for early care and educational programs. NAC offers early childhood leaders the opportunity to demonstrate and document quality performance using research-based criteria and evidence-based practices. The National Accreditation Commission provides a comprehensive, ongoing quality improvement system and accredited schools must meet standards in the following 6 component areas: Administration, Family Engagement, Health and Safety, Curriculum, Interactions between Teachers and Children, and Classroom Health and Safety.

Preparing Your Child To THRIVE

Your child is unique, and we are happy to provide an educational, fun, and nurturing environment where each child can develop and thrive in order to build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.