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Welcome to Cadence Academy Preschool in Gig Harbor, Washington, one of the best harbor towns in the Northwest! Situated on the Puget Sound in Pierce County, we are conveniently located next door to the vet office and across the street from the chiropractor’s office at 3716 56th Street, NW in Gig Harbor, Washington.

At Cadence Academy Preschool in Gig Harbor, Washington, we dedicate our early childhood education center to making your family life even more enriching by providing high quality, well-rounded daycare programs for your growing children. We are proud to offer top-notch preschool programs for children, ages six weeks through five-years-old.

Our Philosophy

As part of our preschool’s philosophy, we strongly believe that every child should have ample opportunity to express his or her unique personality. A strong sense of self can never start too soon. We foster healthy, authentic, and inspired early childhood development through exceptional programming, nurturing care giving, and strong parent-teacher relationships.

  • Infant Daycare (ages 6 weeks to 1 year) – A day care program designed to encourage the strong bonds, warmth, and security your child enjoys at home.
  • Toddler Daycare (ages 1 to 2) – Our toddler day care program is designed to inspire your child’s sense of discovery and active learning.
  • Early Childhood Learning (ages 2 to 3) – An early childhood education program focused on improving gross and fine motor skills, vocabulary, and learning through discovery activities.
  • Preschool (ages 3 to 4) – This program helps prepare students for Pre-Kindergarten.
  • Pre-Kindergarten (ages 4 to 5) – A Pre-K program that combines the skills and experiences taught in previous years to get your child ready for his or her transition to Kindergarten. 

What Makes Our Preschool Unique

We believe our success translates to your child’s success. Cadence Academy Gig Harbor, Washington has been in operation for over 20 years. As early childhood development experts, we utilize effective daycare programs for each age group we serve.

Every day, our early childhood education staff follows a carefully-planned schedule complete with developmentally-appropriate activities that are also lots of fun, including creative art, construction, active play, games, dramatic play, science, cooking, crafts, and early learning time. All of our teachers actively engage your children in ways that develop awareness, self-control, and decision making.

Creativity abounds at Cadence Academy Gig Harbor, and our instructors love to ignite young imaginations.Our specially curated curriculum, the Ascend Curriculum, features stimulating and fun programs such as Math Their Way, Zoo-Phonics, Baby Signs, Fun with Fitness, and Spanish, just to name a few. Our preschool program, which prepares kids for their future educational journeys, is designed to meet the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of each child.

We firmly believe the most important part of a child’s development is their independence, and we guide this process by encouraging children to solve problems and have positive interactions with their peers. Most importantly, we teach children to express their feelings with words rather than physical action. These types of social skills and self-regulation habits are vital during this stage of growth.

Our private preschool has two beautiful playgrounds, privately located along a greenbelt. One playground is for our toddlers, and the other is for our three- and four-year-olds. We have playground equipment for climbing and sliding, as well as tire swings, bikes, and riding toys. There is plenty of space for our children to run, play, and get their wiggles out!At Cadence Academy in Gig Harbor, educational playtime is all of the time.

More About Our Preschool & Day Care Center

We are proud to serve the neighborhoods around us, including Tacoma, Lakewood, University Place, Port Orchard, Narrows, and Fox Island. Many of our families have children who attend local elementary schools, such as Geiger Montessori School, Discovery Elementary, Harbor Heights Elementary, and Artondale Elementary.

Our Team

Sharice Pastor

Sharice Pastor

School Director

I have been working in the child care field for more than 12 years. I spent most of my career working at the YMCA of Honolulu as the Program Director. I love working with children and teaching them every day. Thank you for trusting me to take care of your children as I know it is hard to leave them in someone else’s care.

I was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I am married to my wonderful husband that I met at our church, and we have a son that attends our school. I love spending time with my family and exploring Washington in my free time.

Reviews from Parents

4.7 Rating based on 65 Reviews Leave A Review
Kristin Simonsen • Google
Through 4+ years and ups and downs of raising two young kids, we’ve had a great experience at Cadence. We initially chose Cadence based on our confidence in the Director, Jennifer. It was the right choice. Jennifer and the Assistant Director, Debbie, are fantastic, along with a number of the teachers we’ve encountered over the years. Lead teacher Mrs. Sharice, in particular, is exceptional. These remarkable women have built a strong culture at Cadence – focus on, and pride in, education/inspiring lifelong learning, coupled with the warmth and kindness kids need. They sincerely care about and want the best for each and every child they encounter. And while turnover in any daycare setting is a fact of life, we have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and “fit” of most new hires. Perhaps most notably, these ladies have fully supported our family in the face of some developmental challenges for one of our kids. They’ve worked directly with us and our child’s outside professional support to improve success in the classroom. This includes providing detailed daily notes, incorporating external recommended strategies, and devising their own tactics based on research and formal education/training. They accommodated our need to temporarily change enrollment to part-time. And when we decided a different solution was best for our child, they allowed us to continue enrollment for a few hours a week to smooth the transition and enrich our child’s development. We are so grateful for all they have done for our kids, and the empathy they’ve shown to us as parents. We highly recommend them to other families with both typical and special needs.
Suzanne Nunn • Google
We absolutely love Cadence Academy! Our son just turned 7 months old last week and he's been attending 3 times a week since he was 12 weeks old. We are first time parents and like most first time parents, we were so nervous leaving our son while I went back to work. When you come to the door, you have to put in your security code (you provide upon enrollment). Then you enter in your code again for checking in and out. We liked that no one can just open the main door. If you are a guest, you have to ring a buzzer to get in. Our son is in the Infant room where the ages are approx 0-1. They use the Kids Report App to log our son's daily activities, which sends us notifications. So they document when he's eaten, if he has a wet diaper, BM, if they needed to apply any ointments, etc. They will also take pictures of your cutie throughout the day and send them to you via the app. They'll also send you a notice if you need to bring in more diapers or wipes. I've also been notified when he has a fever or if there is any cause for concern. They're quick to send notice and prompt to answer my call concerning the matter so I can determine if it's something I need to come pick him up for. In addition to the above things that I think most daycares should have, even though our little ones can't run around yet, they have fun, creative, activities for them. They had my son paint a pumpkin with his fingers. He did some finger painting of some snow flakes on paper. Then did some ice cube painting. They hang the projects up around the room, then send them to you when they switch out to the next project. Just fun things that, with 2 full time working parents, when you're home, you just don't get a chance to do because you're exhausted. I never expected this from a daycare. But they really go above and beyond in my opinion. And honestly, I think the cost is very reasonable. We couldn't pay a high school student this much to take care of our child while we worked. It would cost us more! Some people are concerned about the turnover. We just had a teacher leave and she was so great! But the other teachers are just as great! We love them all! And to be honest, turnover isn't necessarily a bad thing. Unless you're some sort of ultra special super being, I would imagine that you would be burned out from teaching/watching a ton of babies/kids for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week just feeding them, changing diapers, playing with them, having to be happy and smiley all day long. I feel like I get burned out for just a weekend with my 1 son. It's exhausting!! If the teachers were grumpy and my son wasn't happy when I picked him up, then I would be concerned. But it's quite the opposite! He is always happy and smiling. And sometimes the reason for them leaving isn't because they're burned out, but maybe a better opportunity has come up for them and their family. We plan to keep him here until he moves on to kindergarten! Updated 3/23/2021 Our son is currently still enrolled at Cadence Academy. At the start of the pandemic, the center was closed for a few months. We returned part time at the start of June, then went full time by mid-June as his separation anxiety was off the charts, having been home for 3 months. It was better to get him back on schedule and used to the preschool environment. I'm impressed by the precautions that the center has taken as we haven't had to keep him home for any illnesses or exposures in the last 7-8 months. We were fortunate enough to have been able to build the relationships with the staff at Cadence before the pandemic. I can see how it may be hard to get to know the staff and the ongoings in classrooms pre-COVID. It would be very hard for me, as a Type-A person. =) We appreciate what they've done for our son over the years!
Sarah Perrin • Google
Our kiddo is really enjoying Cadence. We love getting the pictures, descriptions and videos and he is delighted when we show him in the evenings. We really appreciate that the play and exercise activities are thoughtful and uplifting and the food descriptions are healthy. We look forward to when we can come in and see his class again and interact with his teacher and other parents in person one day, and really appreciate Cadence taking precautions right now to keep the kids and staff safe in the pandemic.
Bryan Cousineau • Google

Cadence Academy Preschool

Gig Harbor, WA

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