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About Cadence Academy Preschool in Allen, TX

Children and families love Cadence Academy Preschool, Allen because we offer all of the comforts of home and make learning fun! Whether your child is finger-painting, dressing up as a wizard or astronaut, or reading about distant lands, students participating in our childcare and preschool programs have so much fun they don’t even realize they’re learning! If you are looking for the best preschool in Allen, look no further.

Ascend Curriculum Logo, preschool allen txOur Ascend Curriculum keeps our students happy and engaged in enriching activities and utilizes a skills-based approach to early education. Each month, we introduce new skills in learning domains such as Literacy, Mathematics, Cultural Understanding, Physical Fitness, and Kind Child. Skills are progressively introduced through activities that are modified to the interests and skill level of each student to keep learning fun!

Preschool Programs

School-to-Home Connection

KidReports LogoAt Cadence Academy Preschool, Allen, we believe effective care starts with the partnership between parents, teachers, and staff. Children thrive when this partnership is strong. We use KidReports to keep our families up-to-date with their child’s day and constantly communicate so they’re fully involved in their child’s development. Our center also has an open-door policy and we welcome our families to visit their children at any time.

Homelike Environment

Parents and kids love our family-friendly atmosphere and homelike environment! From the artwork and photos of our students to the natural tones used throughout our school, we make our daycare center feel like an extension of home for our little ones and their families. Vibrant colors and overstimulating designs can be overwhelming to young children, so we focus on creating a warm, comfortable environment that reduces tension instead.

Our Preschool’s Location

Cadence Academy Preschool, Allen is conveniently located less than a mile east of Sam Johnson Highway (US 75) in Allen, Texas. Our preschool center is on the south side of the street, just west of the intersection of Exchange Parkway and Allen Heights Drive at 1224 Exchange Parkway, Allen, TX 75002. Interested in seeing our child care center for yourself? Schedule a visit today!

Our Team

Tierra Johnson

Tierra Johnson

School Director

Working with children is my dream job! I have worked at Cadence Education since 2008 as both a preschool teacher and kindergarten teacher. My education background includes child development and early childhood education, as well as a leadership training certificate awarded through Cadence.

I continually seek to better understand the needs of the children inside our classrooms and to have open communication with our parents. I want to always give parents peace of mind by having a school and staff that is educating, nurturing, and loving!

Reviews from Parents

4.7 Rating based on 73 Reviews Leave A Review
Taylor Jones • Google
I have 3 kids that attended Cadence! We love this school! I got the chance to be a stay at home mom, while we are blessed with this opportunity, leaving Cadence was one of the hardest decisions we have ever made! If I go back to work, there would be no other school for us!
Taylor Elaine Jones • Facebook
I have 3 kids that attended Cadence! We love this school! I got the chance to be a stay at home mom, while we are blessed with this opportunity, leaving Cadence was one of the hardest decisions we have ever made! If I go back to work, there would be no other school for us!
Michelle Martinez • Facebook
I just enrolled my 2 year old and 8 month old. The 8 month old is doing great this is his first daycare. My 2 year old I was worried about because she has been through a lot of transitions. I was worried about her progress. Well she is doing fantastic and developing so much. Her vocabulary is coming along and her behavior is better. She loves her teachers. I have had children here since 2003. My kids, grandchildren and now niece and nephew.
Gerwig Family • Google
My 10 year old left his wet swim clothes in class overnight after a field trip. He's in that awkward stage where it's hard to find clothes that fit so he only has the one set. I called this morning to confirm they were there and had planned on picking them up to wash them before his swim lessons tonight. The director was able to find them and offered to wash them for me! Talk about going above and beyond- I am just WOWed at how much love and care the staff shows not only to my children but also to myself. Washing swim clothes may seem like a small gesture but for me it is one of the nicest gifts I have had in a long time. The staff knows that my life is full of activity and stress. They just saved 2 hours of my day! It's the little things like this that set this school apart. They show kindness and love to parents that aren't in the classroom, imagine how much they show to the children who are- I know that my children are in a safe loving place when I have to be at work and that is priceless. I highly recommend setting up a tour so you can see for yourself how much you and your children will be loved and will come to love this school.

Cadence Academy Preschool

Allen, TX

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