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About Our Childcare Center

At Cadence Academy Preschool, Edgewater, we recognize that the first six years of a child’s life are a period of rapid cognitive and physical development. Cadence Academy Preschool offer engaging learning environments where trained teachers gently nurture each child’s physical and intellectual development with carefully selected and sensitively administered activities and materials.

Our childcare centers have been serving families in New York and New Jersey since 1983 and we strive to create long-lasting relationships with our families because we believe children thrive when there’s a strong connection between home and school.

Our Programs

Kind Child

Kind Child Program LogoKind Child is a proprietary program that allows us to nurture social skills and develop character. The goal of Kind Child is to elevate every child’s feelings of happiness, improve their emotional well-being, and enrich friendships. We focus on new social-emotional skills each month and a character trait such as Friendship, Responsibility, and a Positive Self-Image every two months.

Positive Guidance and Discipline

Every child in our care is encouraged to express his or her needs and feelings in a positive and constructive way and to show their caregivers and peers respect and empathy. As caring educators, we mentor our young children to make appropriate choices and help them to regulate their emotions and behaviors.

Positive discipline is a process of teaching children how to behave appropriately and respects the rights of the individual child, the group, and the adult. At Cadence Academy Preschool, positive discipline is consistent with the age and developmental needs of the children and helps children maintain self-control and learn positive behaviors.

Reviews from Parents

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Holly Gallagher • Google
This school is amazing! Our daughter has been attending here for about a year, and all the teachers, aides, and staff go above and beyond to create a loving and educational environment that allows the kids’ individual needs to be focused on and nurtured. Since the first day, we’ve gotten detailed reports at the end of each day (pickup), as well as access to the app that shows you pictures of different activities your child participated in. I don’t know how the teachers are able to give such individual attention when they’ve got a classroom full of students, but they really seem to genuinely care about the growth and happiness of each child. We’re very happy about the curriculum as well, and we received an academic calendar each month that lets us know what her class will be working on. We’re very happy! :)
Jackson Rose • Google
Chris Doherty • Google
The teacher and staff at Cadence are all amazing. This is the first daycare our young daughter has attended, and we couldn’t be happier with her experience or ours as parents. The teachers and staff are kind and compassionate and welcoming to all.
Ruxandra Preda • Google
My son who is 30 months old has been attending Cadence Academy classes for almost a year now. I can see the growth and learning every day. The staff is great and his teacher is truly amazing. Thank you for your care.

Cadence Academy Preschool

Edgewater, NJ

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