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About Cadence Academy Preschool in Edgewater

At Cadence Academy Preschool, Edgewater, we recognize that the first six years of a child’s life are a period of rapid cognitive and physical development. Cadence Academy Preschool offer engaging learning environments where trained teachers gently nurture each child’s physical and intellectual development with carefully selected and sensitively administered activities and materials.

Our childcare centers have been serving families in New York and New Jersey since 1983 and we strive to create long-lasting relationships with our families because we believe children thrive when there’s a strong connection between home and school.

These are some of the wonderful things our families have said about our school:

  • “Kind teachers that are conscientious of my children’s needs and personalities. An enriched curriculum that suits the needs of all learners.”
  • “The staff is incredible! I have had the pleasure of knowing some of them for almost a decade now. They genuinely care about these children, and it shows!”
  • “I always appreciate such great care and the wonderful environment your school provides for us!”
  • “They are like family – remember everyone’s names – including siblings and loving teachers and administrators.”

Our Programs

Kind Child

Kind Child Program LogoKind Child is a proprietary program that allows us to nurture social skills and develop character. The goal of Kind Child is to elevate every child’s feelings of happiness, improve their emotional well-being, and enrich friendships. We focus on new social-emotional skills each month and a character trait such as Friendship, Responsibility, and a Positive Self-Image every two months.

Positive Guidance and Discipline

Every child in our care is encouraged to express his or her needs and feelings in a positive and constructive way and to show their caregivers and peers respect and empathy. As caring educators, we mentor our young children to make appropriate choices and help them to regulate their emotions and behaviors.

Positive discipline is a process of teaching children how to behave appropriately and respects the rights of the individual child, the group, and the adult. At Cadence Academy Preschool, positive discipline is consistent with the age and developmental needs of the children and helps children maintain self-control and learn positive behaviors.

Reviews from Parents

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Yujin Oh • Google
My son attended Cadence since he was in infant class. (still attending) I chose this place because the facility is spacious, a lot of windows for natural light + experienced staff. He is now 2.5 years old- transitioned up 3 classes since. The things he learned and how much he has grown are just amazing to see. Not only the growth as individual (songs, words, numbers etc) but the social aspect is too. He knows how to be sympathetic and to be kind to other children. AND play well with them too! (Of course he is not perfect yet, he is only 2.5) I love all the lead & assistant teachers here, and my son adores them too. He is naturally a bit shy & lots of stranger danger, but when I see him trusting the teachers it really warms my heart. I know how hard it could be trying to find the right daycare-a lot of trust goes into it! It takes a few weeks for most children to adjust to daycare and it could feel unsure and disheartening to see them crying when you drop them off! But I can confidently say that Cadence truly cares for all the children & they are in great loving care. My son mentioning his friends & the teachers with his gibberish proves that. Sneaking up to his class to see what he's doing when we pick him up, and seeing him calmly playing with other children proves that. Forgetting to say goodbye to me and walking straight into class to play proves that. Not in a rush to leave the daycare building (to see the fish tank, read books by the teacher's office, point to other classrooms) proves that! As my husband and I both work & commute full time- It is such a great relief, and we are so grateful for Cadence Academy.
Cassandra Clarke • Google
I usually do not write reviews but I have to give credit when credit is due. Cadence Academy Preschool Edgewater....SIMPLY AMAZING!!! The moment my family entered this school we were welcomed with open arms. I was truly nervous (down right scared lol) sending my daughter to Pre-K 4 but everyone made the experience awesome. The staff is what truly makes this school what it is. Ms. Set (Director) never missed a beat. She made sure I felt comfortable leaving my daughter in their care. She was attentive and thoughtful the entire step of the way. My daughters teachers Ms. Sandra and Ms. Tiara were nothing short than fantastic. In addition, Ms. Equana, Ms. Sajida, and Ms. Ysara were also a big factor in my overall experience. My daughter has graduated and has now moved on to Kindergarten ( and has been thriving because of the preparation received), if I could recommend this school 10 times over I would. They are more than a school.. they are family ! <3
Negar Rokhgar • Google
It's been a year since we've been attending Cadence Academy in Edgewater and every single day has been a great experience. The staff is so kind, passionate, and professional in Early Childhood Education. They truly bring peace of mind to the families.
Matthew Brown • Google
As parents, we have some non-negotiables when leaving our baby in someone else's care. When we started sending our baby to Cadence, she was 10 months old. We'd never left her with anyone but family before. We had done our due diligence, but still we were nervous wrecks. She's now 19 months and she's learned to crawl, to stand, to walk, to talk, to share, to socialize, all while at Cadence. The staff, from her teachers, to the support staff, to the office and front desk staff, all know her by name. They are genuinely nice people who genuinely care about her. They celebrate her achievements, they are sad when she doesn't feel well. When I drop her off in the morning, she's happy to be there. When I pick her up, she's all smiles as she says bye bye to all her friends and teachers. Every day. For 10 months. She's been happy, safe, and cared for. And she's learned and developed so much. Those were our non-negotiables, and they have all been met. Our expectations have been exceeded. If you are reading this as part of your due diligence when deciding about Cadence for your baby... I'm just one anonymous Dada on the internet to you. But our experience has been real. Every day, I drop my baby off at Cadence in Edgewater with peace of mind knowing she's safe. She's being watched and cared for by experienced professionals with big hearts. They treat my baby with love, what more can I ask for?

Cadence Academy Preschool

Edgewater, NJ

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