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About Lil’ Explorers Preschool in Andover, MN

Lil’ Explorers Childcare Center is a preschool serving the Andover area of Minnesota. Established in 2003, Lil’ Explorers Childcare Center continues to provide a safe environment for children ages 6 weeks through fourth grade that is centered on exploration and development.

Our Andover, MN daycare is located just a short drive from Andover High School and Roosevelt Middle School. This central location makes multi-child pick up and drop off easy and quick. Lil’ Explorers daycare in Andover is easily identified by our large, fenced in playground and safe, paved parking lot.

Our expansive facilities offer plenty of room for your children to learn, grow, and develop, while our caring staff provides a nurturing and enriching atmosphere. The Andover facility features Infant Rooms, Toddler Rooms, Preschool Rooms, dedicated Pre-Kindergarten Rooms and School-Age Rooms, along with a large gross motor room.

It is the mission of our childcare staff to provide top-notch service for Andover, MN families and provide an enjoyable and exciting time for all children in our care.

Andover, MN Preschool: Enrichment Programs

Lil’ Movers is our program that enhances your child’s large motor development. We will use aspects and activities promoted by CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health), as well as developmentally appropriate Large Motor skills, sportsmanship, and taking turns. Combining these programs promotes physical activity and coordinated play for young children. Our program encourages and motivates children to walk, run, jump, dance, and move their whole body while playing and having fun!

Lil’ Farmers is our nutrition program that focuses on health, nutrition and community involvement. We incorporate aspects of the “Farm to Childcare” initiative by partnering with local farmers for fresh and local products. We feature a new fruit or vegetable each month from a list of the farmer’s seasonal crops. Our students will explore the food through taste, texture, and smell, while learning about where the food was grown in Andover, MN. Lil’ Farmers program will help children build lifelong healthy eating habits, so they can become real life farmers too!

Kindermusik is a music and movement program that is cultivated for each stage of a child’s development. Lil’ Explorers offers three Kindermusik levels that are geared to accommodate toddler and preschool classroom developmental needs. Kindermusik provides activities that stimulate children’s minds, bodies, and sense of play while incorporating early literacy and language into music. The music program integrates songs, instruments, stories, activities, and music from all around the world to nurture kids’ budding creativity!

Beginning in preschool, children are introduced to basic words in the Spanish language. Each month the Spanish program is based around a theme (i.e. numbers, colors, greetings, body parts, etc.). New words are introduced using fun picture cards, games, songs, and books. We highly encourage everyone to attempt to pronounce the Spanish words although many children (especially under 3 years old) may not be able to pronounce the words easily or at all. However, exposure to a foreign language can have many cognitive and academic benefits.

Lil’ Explorers Daycare in Andover: Our Promise

Unlike other daycares in Andover, Lil’ Explorers places special emphasis on early childhood education and fun-filled activities. We provide age-appropriate enrichment for every Andover child to ensure positive growth. Guardians should always feel confident with their childcare decisions, and at Lil’ Explorers Daycare in Andover, we offer a school where children can succeed.

Our Team

Allison McKellips

Allison McKellips


I have lived in this area for most of my life. I have two dogs, Cody and Tobias. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, watching sports, fishing, and shopping.

Beth Rosonke

Beth Rosonke

Assistant Director

Hi, My name is Beth, I am the assistant director for Lil’ Explorer’s – Andover. I live in Otsego with my son, Beau. We love to go camping, fishing, swimming, and just spending time with our family and friends. I have been with Lil Explorer’s for over 4 years and have a CDA in infants and toddlers.

Reviews from Parents

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Kim Dodge • Google
We have been with Lil Explorers since they opened in 2021 and my kids have had an incredible experience! I have had children in all age rooms from baby to Pre-K and each age range has been wonderful. Especially under the new leadership team, the center is better than ever. The staff is wonderful and care so deeply for each child, they do a fantastic job communicating with parents and showing all the things the kids are learning each day. Absolutely recommend!
Adria Deutsch • Google
Lil’ Explorers is great! Our daughter has grown and learned so much in the year and a half that she has been attending. She loves going to preschool each day and has made awesome connections to other kiddos and the teachers. I would highly recommend Lil’ Explorers!!
Edith Madero • Google
After touring couple of centers around the area we decided to try LE and it was the best decision we made!! The teachers are awesome, so caring and kind. Love to see daily pictures of her activities. She has learn so much. Always walks out with a smile. Thank you for everything you guys do!!! :)
Ann Olthoff • Google
We’ve sent our daughter to Lil’ Explorers in Andover for the past year and a half. It’s a wonderful daycare and we’ve had a really positive experience! Since Allison, the new site director, came on a few months ago, we have noticed a significant positive change in not only the staff attitude, but also the activities, themed days and different crafts the kids are doing. Allison also made some small decor changes to the building and although it seems insignificant to the care of the kiddos, it really makes the building feel like home, and shows that Allison cares about the success of her staff and that she wants to create a comfortable space for all the children. We feel confident our daughter is prepared for Kindergarten in the Fall and will dearly miss Ms. Leo, Ms. Chris, Ms. Hailey and all the wonderful staff.

Lil' Explorers Childcare Center

Andover, MN

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