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About Next Generation Children’s Center Preschool in Sudbury, MA

Next Generation Children’s Centers (NGCC) believes that children should start their educational careers with a foundation of happiness, love, confidence, and a strong sense of self-worth.

NGCC’s early childhood education centers are designed specifically for the families we serve. Our Sudbury daycare was built in 2002 and incorporates several of the most popular features from our first six preschools:

  • 17 specialized Infant Care, Toddler Care, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms
  • Heated floors in the Infant rooms
  • Child-size bathrooms
  • Two indoor play spaces
  • An outdoor covered play area for older children during inclement weather
  • Two large playgrounds that appeal to varying age groups
  • A commercial kitchen serving breakfast, lunch, and three healthy snacks daily

Childcare & Daycare Programs Offered:

  • Infant Childcare (6 weeks – 15 months) – This childcare program offers a safe, warm, and stimulating atmosphere for your infant.
  • Toddler (15 months – 36 months) – Our experienced teachers help engage young explorers in our Toddler program with interactive, hands-on curriculum.
  • Preschool (3 – 4 years) – Preschool is an exciting stage in a child’s development. Our Preschool program supports the educational, social, emotional, and physical development of children in this age range.
  • Pre-Kindergarten (4 – 5 years) – Our experienced pre-k teachers help children in this program continue to build upon the skills vital to their future academic success.
  • Kindergarten Club (4 – 5 years) – Our Kindergarten Club takes place during the last year of preschool and is available to help students become more at ease with their journey into Kindergarten.
  • School-Age Program – be sure to ask about our new school-age program!
  • Summer Program (5 – 6 years) – Does your child have what it takes to become a Super Spy? Find out this summer at our Secret Agent Summer Program!

NGCC has discovered that children learn best through hands-on activities. Our preschool learning center’s students engage in a variety of educational experiences that take place both indoors and outdoors. These activities are age-appropriate and tailored to the individual needs and interests of each child so that learning becomes associated with things they are already interested in.

Our preschool’s curriculum is set up to develop the “Whole Child” in the following key areas of growth:

  1. Social
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical
  4. Cognitive

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NGCC Sudbury is conveniently located on Route 20 at 307 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776. Our office phone number is (978) 440-9494. Since 1994, we have been happy to serve families from Sudbury, Framingham, Marlborough, Acton, Maynard, Wayland, Concord, Waltham, Natick, and Hudson.

We felt incredibly comfortable the moment we walked in the door...

See why parents love us!

Parents share how our unique, educational, and nurturing environment helps their children thrive and build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

Our Team

Alicia Resendes

Alicia Resendes


I began my early childhood career at Next Generation in 1998. I enjoy working with so many incredible families as they navigate the early childhood experience with their children. I have an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and I’m Director II certified through the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. My children are proud graduates of NGCC Sudbury.

Tanisha Stevens

Tanisha Stevens

Assistant Director

I began my career at Next Generation Children’s Center in 2014. I have worked with children of all ages during my career. I am Director II certified through the MA Department of Early Education and Care.  My favorite thing about working in this field is getting to see the children in our care grow and develop into amazing adolescents. Currently, I am working towards a degree in Human Resources Administration. I am married with two daughters, both who attended NGCC Sudbury from 3 months – PreK. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and doing crafts.

We felt incredibly comfortable the moment we walked in the door...

See why parents love us!

Parents share how our unique, educational, and nurturing environment helps their children thrive and build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

Reviews from Parents

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Michelle Bernasconi • Google
Alexandra Brandon • Google
This is my 18 mo's third, yes, third, daycare. For context, this is third daycare because: the first daycare (a well-known national chain) openly gossiped about LO's food preferences, forced him to sleep on an office carpet instead of a cot, and then, he made a grand escape from the playground one day when he was 16 mo because no one was watching him. The second daycare (another national chain with high tuition and expectations) had a vaccine violation and then a typhoid outbreak (also known as a public health emergency). We agonized over moving him out of the first daycare, a place that we were increasingly uneasy about, and then he had his great escape, so he was gone. The second one was a no-brainer. As someone who briefly lived in Egypt without getting typhoid because I was vaccinated, the bar is so very low. Enter: NGCC. NGCC was recommended to us by another parent at our first daycare who shared similar concerns and also the challenges of being a working parent. We received information on the program and were impressed by the data, especially for Kindergarten prep. The information was data-driven, easy to read, and we were genuinely excited about sending our LO to NGCC. The first day, we were both incredibly impressed by the school's set-up (security, front desk, play areas, staffing, etc.) and the fact that within hours, everyone it seemed knew LO's name and our names/faces. We felt welcomed immediately and LO had a seamless transition. We also love the morning snacks and lunch that's catered every day which has helped us get more time back in the evening as a family and also expanded LO's palate! One of our biggest anxieties was his food preferences, but he's trying all kinds of things. Previous experience demonstrated that the staff couldn't pick us out in a line-up, but they definitely could identify our checking account number. NGCC closes at 5pm, but when I arrive, in a welcome change from prior schools, there are other working parents zooming in to collect their kids and there's a genuine sense of collegiality and kindness. I am actually not stressed when I pick LO up, I have not cried in my car after drop-off or pick-up, and LO is THRIVING. The staff at NGCC are some of the loveliest people I've ever met and having consistency and clearly, excellent (years long) retention, are so important to us and to LO's sense of security. Can't say enough good things about NGCC, they've assuaged so many anxieties of new parenthood and demonstrated more times than any other daycare how invested they are in early childhood care and development.
Karen Paradis • Google
I have worked at Next Gen Sudbury for many years. I love working at this school because there is a sense of community in addition to all the memories and bonds I have created with so many children and families over the years. I couldn’t recommend working here enough!
Nicole Whitney Eurieck • Google

Next Generation Children's Center

Sudbury, MA

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