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About Newton School for Children Preschool in Newton, MA

Newton School for Children has been a well-known and trusted name in child care in the Newton area and surrounding communities since 1982. We believe that children are capable of learning at an early age and should be challenged intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. Our preschool is a place where learning is based on exploring, questioning and problem-solving, all of which help children to develop a positive self-image. The curriculum, environment, and teachers all promote Newton School for Children’s mission.

Newton School for Children is conveniently located off of Washington and Adams street in Newton Corner. The Center is located in close proximity to both the Mass Turnpike and Rte. 128.


After years of experience in the early childhood and preschool field, Newton School for Children developed a philosophy based on the L3 principles of LearningLove, and Laughter. These principles are the 3 key characteristics of our school environment.

  • Learning is based on exploring, questioning and problem solving.
  • A nurturing and Loving environment enables children to feel secure and happy away from home as they learn to understand and care for one another.
  • Laughter ensues as children socialize and form friendships in a secure and happy environment.

Newton School for Children’s philosophy helps to foster the development of the self-esteem of each individual child by meeting his or her needs accordingly.

Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Language Arts: Developed through the use of reading books, writing and conversing.
  • Math: Introduced through the use of games and manipulatives.
  • Science: Explored by looking at the environment and doing experiments.
  • Art: Children express their creativity and imagination by using different art materials.
  • Cooking: In the process of cooking children learn to measure, weigh, and learn new words such as sift, bake and beat, etc.
  • Music: Music is a time during which children learn new songs and are exposed to rhythm, beat and the sounds of different musical instruments.

Outdoor Area

Our large outdoor space provides a paved area for children to ride bicycles and cars and cushioned area for climbing and running. The large outdoor sand box is a shaded area for digging and building castles!

Indoor Play Area

The indoor play space is a haven for large muscle activity in the inclement weather.

Parent Involvement

Newton School for Children always encourages active parent involvement throughout the year, such as sharing information on a traditions, professions, hobbies, etc. Reading stories to the children, playing musical instruments for them, or sharing family cultures are some of the ways parents may become involved.

The school believes that when children are introduced to different cultures from a very early age, they will be better educated in understanding and accepting the differences.

We would love to share our school with you. Contact us today to set up a visit and to learn more about our exceptional preschool.

We felt incredibly comfortable the moment we walked in the door...

See why parents love us!

Parents share how our unique, educational, and nurturing environment helps their children thrive and build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

We felt incredibly comfortable the moment we walked in the door...

See why parents love us!

Parents share how our unique, educational, and nurturing environment helps their children thrive and build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

Reviews from Parents

5.0 Rating based on 10 Reviews Leave A Review
Gavi Bogin-Farber • Google
We love Newton School for Children! Our older child started there in June 2019 and stayed for three years, though Pre-K. Our younger child has been there since she was 15 months old, going from the toddler class to Preschool, and next year to Pre-K. The teachers and administration are all wonderful, supportive, and warm. The communication is great, and both of our kids have come home happy from school every day. I can't recommend it more highly.
Kat Stein • Facebook
We cannot recommend NSFC highly enough! Our son Jack started in Toddler 1 in June 2019 and just graduated preK in August 2023. Over these 4+ years, he flourished thanks to the incredible, experienced staff at NSFC. The teachers became part of our family and their love for Jack was palpable. They always supported and encouraged his creative mind (including let him wear daily costumes ). We trusted their judgment and knew that he was always safe and well cared for. We also truly appreciated their experience and guidance. Teacher sayings like “you get what you get and don’t get upset,” “don’t yuck someone else’s yum” and “tummy to the table” have become part of our home lexicon We are also so thankful for the NSFC community. Not only has Jack made lasting friendships with classmates, but we have also developed close friendships with many of the families. Lastly as a dual professional family, we really appreciated the extended day (7:45-5:30) and summer availability.
Jodi Fox • Facebook
My daughter went to NSFC from 15 months through pre-K and I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone needing childcare. The staff and families are so down to earth and supportive. The school is small enough to create a real sense of community that allows parents and children to grow and prosper. I credit the school for making my daughter such a kind and generous person. She was more than ready for kindergarten this year both socially and academically. I cannot recommend the school enough.
Nicole Canulla • Facebook
My kids have spent a combined 8 years at NSFC (my daughter has one year left). We have loved our experience at the school. Unlike many daycare/pre-K environments, the teacher and staff turnover is low, and as a result I think the team is even more committed to the children. I think one of their biggest strengths is the attention and dedication to each individual child - I've seen firsthand how they work with students with different strengths and challenges in order to help them succeed. They also have a great structured curriculum preparing students for starting elementary school. My son started Kindergarten in Newton this year, and his K teacher actually told me that some of the most prepared, Kindergarten-ready kids she sees come from NSFC! Also of note is the community they've built. My children have made so many close friendships thanks to their time at NSFC -- and the friendships last beyond their time at the school. As a result, my husband and I have also made some great friends. We highly recommend NSFC!

Newton School for Children

Newton, MA

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