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It is our belief that all children are unique and special. How do children learn? We believe they learn through exploring and playing with other children. Cadence Academy Preschool is designed as an age-appropriate developmental learning environment. The focus of such curriculum is on the development of the whole child. Spiritual, Physical, Social, Intellectual, and Emotional development are all emphasized in this environment. The daily activities include Religious Study, blocks, dramatic play, manipulative, art, reading, music, and outdoor play.

Religious Studies: The study of the Holy Bible is an important subject at our academy. Since God’s work is revealed truth, we believe the Holy Bible should be approached with an attitude of learning and obedience. Bible training consists of learning how to apply biblical principles in everyday life.

Blocks: Blocks are important to cognitive development. They form pictures in children’s minds of what they see. They are valuable play materials for physical development. Children use their large muscles to carry blocks from place to place. They provide social-emotional skills because children learn to play together and share experiences.

Dramatic Play: Dramatic play, pretend play or make believe is important because children act out many roles which allow them to develop many new skills.

Manipulatives: Manipulatives permit physical development to be enhanced as children practice hand-eye coordination while completing puzzles, placing pegs in a pegboard, and stringing beads. Self-esteem can be developed as children experience the satisfaction of completing a task successfully as they refine small muscle skills.

Art: Art allows the children to express their individual ideas and feelings. They can develop their fine motor skills.

Reading: Reading to children regularly encourages them to look through books on their own. Books promote literacy skills and increases vocabulary.

Music: Music naturally delights and moves children. Children are learning to do new things with their bodies. They learn movement and can communicate messages and represent actions.

Outdoor Play: Outdoor play is fun for children and important for their growth and development. Being outside allows children to stretch their muscles, breathe in fresh air, take in sunshine, and enjoy the freedom of space. 


At Cadence Academy Preschool, we pride ourselves on the stability of our teaching staff. All our teachers are C.P.R/ First Aid certified. They have completed fire safety training, child abuse recognition and reporting, and infectious diseases trainings. All our lead teachers must have or must be in the process of obtaining a C.D.A (Child Development Associate Credential) or some form of college degree. All assistant teachers must have previous childcare experience, and a high school diploma or GED (or equivalent).


  • Infants & Crawler Care
  • Jr. & Sr. Toddlers (Ages 1-2)
  • Preschool (Ages 3-4)

Reviews from Parents

4.4 Rating based on 67 Reviews Leave A Review
Steven Love • Google
We love Kidz Academy! My little girl Allison loved it and always wanted to go to school even if she was sick I would have to persuade her or downright tell her that she couldn’t go. She went there nearly 4 years and never once was I concerned about her safety or her education. Her teachers were great, and she had a very stable environment. Many of her friends started when she did and they remained friends for all four years. How do you put a price on a safe environment and a quality education? It’s not overly priced and we never had a problem paying her tuition on a tight fixed budget (less than 50k a year). Her last year of pre-school was free (paid for by the state). We love you guys, thank you for taking care of my dear Allison.
Richard Thurmond • Google
This is a great school and they are very professional.
Tara Harmon • Google
We are sad to be moving in a few weeks because this daycare is great. Not expensive and my kids enjoy coming here.
regina quintanilla • Google
I love this place! My son started preschool here and he has learned a lot from his classmates and his teachers. The staff works very well together, friendly environment. The owners are wonderful! Thank you for all you guys do!

Cadence Academy Preschool

Winder, GA

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