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Many Cadence schools across the country are offering special enrollment incentives this summer as part of our “Happy Hearts, Bright Futures” campaign! Be sure to ask if your school is offering any promotions during this limited time offer.

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About Country Kids Child Care and Preschool in Brookfield, CT

Country Kids Child Care is an early childhood learning center nestled in Brookfield, Ct. Entrusting your child to the care of others is a decision a parent does not take lightly, no matter what age. A parent must feel that the School they select is an extension of their home, and the teacher who is with their child is not only teaching them, but nurturing them as well. Your child is like no other, with needs unique to them.  We understand that, and will cater to those needs.  Our pledge to you is more then just a slogan – it is a promise.  We will treat your child as if they were our own.

Our Programs

Infant Care – Ages 6 weeks to 14 months

Caring for your baby is one of the most important things our caregivers will ever do.  Your baby will have a caregiver who will respond quickly to crying, and show delight with spending time with your baby.  Your baby will be held when drinking a bottle, and will be tickled, laughed with, cuddled, and rocked.  As a result, your baby will feel safe and secure  and have trust in the world.  Your baby will learn self-importance and the ability to count on others, plus learn how to regulate and communicate their emotions. Tummy time with their caregiver promotes reaching and stretching their core muscle strength along with crawling, rolling, and climbing.

Toddler Care – Ages 12 months to 3 years old

Toddlers are ready to explore the world around them.  They know what words stand for things.  You will see our caregivers on eye level with your toddler, making eye contact when speaking, and showing excitement in his efforts to communicate.

Preschool – Ages 3 years to 5 years old

This is a time that education provides for the optimal development of children.  It does not mean formal teaching from text books.  It does not mean taking the child away from his mother.  It means that parents and teachers cooperate in providing the best possible environment for the growth and development of young children.  A good program of Preschool education considers the whole child – physical, mental, and social welfare.  In Country Kids’ full day preschool program you will find the perfect balance of nurturing and educational experiences.  The personal touch is very important. Your child will feel secure in the care of our teachers, but not too dependent upon them.  Your child is entitled to an opportunity to grow and develop under the most favorable conditions.  Your preschooler will be exposed to good and beautiful things.


Country Kids presents you with an exciting alternative choice for Kindergarten.  Our Center is the first to introduce an 8:30-3:30 Kindergarten program with the benefit of a low child to staff ratio. The benefits of small learning groups throughout the day allows for a personalized curriculum for your Kindergartener.  Your child will question, explore, and use all  senses as teachers encourage risk-taking. State of the art technology is utilized for hands-on learning to promote creativity.

Before & After School – Ages 5 years to 15 years old

Before School Program for Brookfield students. After School Program for both Brookfield students and the surrounding towns. We offer two program options, the Basic option is after school and early dismissal only and the Inclusive option includes, after school, early dismissals, snow days, and any full days noted on the school calendar at the beginning of the year. Winter and Spring breaks are also included. 

Bus pickup is at 6:45am and bus/van drop off is at 6pm.

Summer Camp – Ages 5 years to 12 years old

Ask around…you will hear that our camp is a place that kids love and parents trust.  Designed for school aged children, we pride ourselves with our reputation of being the camp with the personal touch.  Our camp counselors excel in interacting with, teaching, and motivating our campers.  With our small group sizes, our emphasis is to offer your child an exceptional experience that they will never forget!

The children are grouped by age and grade, a typical day is busy with arts and crafts, cooking, swimming, playing sports and games. All groups have a home base in our air conditioned facilities.  With a rotating daily schedule, campers look forward to their time in our air conditioned gym, game room (which includes computers, video games, board games, and cards), our kitchen, art room, and open play areas.

Once a week we plan a field trip: amusement parks, water parks, and laser tag, to name a few.  Some of our favorite in-house special events include, Country Kids Idol, Around the World Festival, and Country Kids Olympics.  An absolute favorite for our older campers is the opportunity to attend the sleep away camp, Club Getaway, with our counselors in nearby Kent, CT.

Campers can bring their own morning snacks plus lunch, which must have a frozen pack included.  Afternoon snack is provided.  Pizza, Hot Dogs, Chicken Tenders, and Subway Sandwiches are available 5 days per week at an additional cost.

To be sure campers have free swim each and every day…we have two heated pools-both indoor and outdoor.  Additionally, all children are taught the importance of water safety by our American Red Cross certified lifeguards.  Weekly swim lesson are also an integral part of our program for our younger campers.

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To top it off, our staff is trained to see the infinite possibilities of teachable moments, and that educating your child begins with infancy – and never ends. Country Kids Child Care invites you to come visit our Centers and to experience the personalized atmosphere which starts with a private tour.

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Parents share how our unique, educational, and nurturing environment helps their children thrive and build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

Summer Camp

All Camp forms should be handed in as soon as possible to ensure the days or weeks you have selected can be accommodated.  Space is limited!


Preparing Your Child To THRIVE

Your child is unique, and we are happy to provide an educational, fun, and nurturing environment where each child can develop and thrive in order to build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.