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Welcome to Cadence Academy Preschool, Rogers! Our caring staff utilizes a skill-based approach to early education that makes the most of your child’s precious early years. We offer nurturing care and educational programs for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our Preschool’s Programs

An Exceptional Education

Ascend Curriculum LogoOur preschool’s mission is to encourage our students to be active explorers and independent, confident learners. Thanks to the flexibility built into our Ascend Curriculum, every student is treated as an individual and is encouraged to progress at his or her natural pace towards age-appropriate milestones. We want your child’s first educational experiences to be both challenging and engaging so that learning becomes associated with fun!

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Arkansas Better Beginnings Star-rated school,
  • Breakfast and a hot, nutritious lunch are made on-premises and offered each day along with healthy snacks,
  • Age-specific playgrounds featuring a sports court, a water feature, and a garden,
  • Technology and Science lab,
  • Low teacher-to-student ratios,
  • Parent’s Night Out one Friday each month.

Getting to Our Preschool

Cadence Academy Preschool, Rogers is conveniently located less than a mile east of I-49 in Rogers, Arkansas. If you’re traveling on the I-49, you’ll want to take the Pleasant Grove Road exit and head east until you get to Concord St. Our preschool center is a block north of Pleasant Grove Road at 3978 S Concord St, Rogers, AR 72758. Call us or schedule a visit online if you’re in need of daycare services for your little one or a preschool that will prepare your child for success in elementary school. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Reviews from Parents

4.7 Rating based on 129 Reviews
Symantha Griffin • Google
January 28, 2021
I had worked there for 4 years and up until October of 2020 it was an awesome place to work! The management team was amazing and understanding and responsive. After letting go the previous director, they had put 3 different people in my classroom, one whom I never had the chance to properly train because I was being pulled to assist other classrooms or the front office. The other who was only there for 3 weeks before she walked out and falsely accused me of things that did not happen. Instead of giving me trainings like they had told a few parents, they fired me. This is not a place you want to work at. Management and corporate do NOT care what happens to their employees nor do they want to actually help improve their employees. If i had the option for no stars, I'd leave them at a 0. This is a horrible facility to work at. The teachers like to run their mouths about others business and spread rumors. Its a very toxic environment.
Jeanne • Google
January 26, 2021
This school is so amazing! I love the way they focus on the academic skills as well as the social and emotional skills. And, the kids get to learn while they're having fun. Just a great place overall!!!
Jani Fraga • Google
January 15, 2021
Highly recommend exhausting all options before considering Cadence. We had been there just about 5 years (with no behavioral issues whatsoever from either of our kids) before pulling both of them this month. Some of the staff are *truly* wonderful, but there are several people within the organization (from teachers through corporate ranks) who choose to ignore and/or enable inappropriate behavior from teachers, even when multiple parents bring valid concerns to them. After 2.5 months of being by told by corporate that they were addressing our immediate concerns, we learned that nothing was actually going on in the background to stop the teacher from continuously bullying our child (and targeting our child by telling other teachers how terrible she was). I continued to raise concerns to advocate for my child (because with Covid, no parents could go in, the school was being run without a director for 6 months, and the corporate overseers were not local), at which point Lori Kitson, the Regional Manager, had the audacity to ask ‘are we ever going to meet your expectations, or do you need to explore other options?’ Within 3 weeks of that call, Lori also neglected to alert us that we were exposed to Covid at the school (an email went out to all parents saying the positive case didn’t expose anyone, but several people knew we had been in close contact prior to Lori pressing the send button). While we had a major issue with the Kindergarten teacher, Madison Weast (multiple instances of her threatening or being condescending to the class and in particular our daughter, while also neglecting to introduce necessary academic fundamentals like sight words - I heard they added these after our departure in January) our biggest disappointment is in the way that we were lied to, dismissed, and gaslighted by the administration who insisted the school ‘has great bones.’ Even after presenting hard evidence to the regional corporate team as to how inappropriate Ms. Weast’s actions were (along with obvious deception around the teacher telling another parent that they had an extensive behavior plan in place for our kid that Cadence asked her to implement - Ms. Weast outright denied any form of a behavior plan to us 3 days after their conversation with said parent, but did confirm that Lori had a plan, but it didn’t work), they ignored our complaints and insisted they would provide training...the training they told us they would look into in October that was only assigned in December after another parent raised concerns. With this in mind, I would not doubt that there are more teachers within this school that are acting in similar ways and are allowed to fly under the radar because they are seen as people who bring in enrollment to the school. Their video recordings conveniently only last for a couple of days, so even if you report something to licensing, they conveniently don’t have any evidence to confirm or deny your concerns. We ended up recording our meeting with Madison Weast in order to ensure accountability of her lack of professionalism and her inappropriate behavior I hopes it would offer them the ‘proof’ they continued to say they didn’t have to back our concerns. It has been 10 days since I sent the file to the Regional VP and while she has confirmed receipt, it has yet to be downloaded. There is a new Director in place and so I cannot speak to her aptitude, but I highly encourage you to bypass this school until the corporate team is replaced with people who care about children’s well-being and providing care and education that are equal to the cost of tuition. I would also be wary of the most recent review - in my experience as a parent (who was once very engaged in the school pre-Covid), I had never heard any of the teachers mention the sister schools (let alone ‘love’ how connected they were). Seems suspicious that the reviews section on the Facebook page was disabled when some staff were let go (in hopes they didn’t leave poor reviews), but a post from a supposed staff member was added around that exact time.
Shaquerie B • Google
December 30, 2020
Awesome place to work. I love my staff and I love the camaraderie with my sister schools. Our families are understanding and supportive of the staff. And the children are the reason we do what we do. When that understanding lights up their eyes and you see that proud look on their faces.... priceless!!!

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