Why Choose Montessori?

The Foundation of Our Program Is Built on Providing an Exceptional Experience for You and Your Child

The Montessori philosophy is founded on the principle that every child can succeed. Every child receives one-on-one attention with a care and education plan that best fits their needs. On your first visit we’ll ensure you’re more than satisfied with a plan.

Will Put Your Child A Step Above - Children Become Self-starters:

Your child initiates their own learning based on their unique learning style and their exploration is supported by highly trained teachers.

Your Child Is Encouraged To Explore What They Love:

Your child has the freedom to explore their interests, within a carefully monitored structure, with teachers helping facilitate that exploration.

Practical And Engaging Learning Environment:

The environment of each classroom, including the types and locations of multi-sensory resources and activities, is meticulously organized, and maintained to provide optimal learning conditions for students of all ages.

Learning Amongst Peers And Independently:

Your child engages in independent, self-directed learning as well as in small and large group activities within a multi-age classroom.

The Montessori Philosophy Believes that Children Learn and Grow Best:

With Freedom Of Choice

Your child initiates their own learning based on their unique learning style and their exploration is supported by highly trained teachers.

By Repeating Activities

Your child learns by repeating an activity and then progressing as they try again. Suddenly, one day, they no longer need assistance. Repetition supports development.

Consistency Of Routine

Your child thrives with a routine because knowing what to do and when to do it, like finding the same project on the same shelf, makes transitions smooth.

In A Calm, Centering Space

Calm voices and handling objects with care gives your child a sense of self-controlled order and helps them respect objects the world around them.

Meet Some Of The Exceptional Individuals That Are Former Montessori Students:


Montessori Teachers Inspire Motivation Through Purposeful Play

Building A Better Future Means Building Character Values Today

Citizenship, altruism, and peacekeeping–teaching children to #bekind empowers them to help a neighbor and be a good friend. It takes just one kindness to change someone’s day, and one by one, those acts impact lives and shape the communities where your child lives.

Community Giveback Puts Kindness In Action

Giving back to nonprofits like the local food bank gives families the basics they need to thrive. These actions put your child’s Peace Education on display and models the values taught in class. Giving back shows gratitude and generosity and inspires your child to do the same.

Grace And Courtesy In The Curriculum Polish Social Skills

Good manners never go out of style and are useful for your child both personally and professionally as they grow. Using “please and thank you” and learning how to politely greet others are simple ways to show respect in everyday interactions that are part of daily life.

Cosmic Awareness Education Expands Your Child's Thinking

Your child learns the world is bigger than them, while they, like others, play a part in its wellbeing. As your child learns about conservation and the environment, they’re empowered to be responsible global players on a planet that counts on them to stay green and blue.

How Order Helps Your Child's Sensitive Periods Of Growth

Your child has sensitive periods of learning development. Highly trained Montessori teachers and the order in the Montessori classroom nurture these periods of growth, and your child optimizes them thanks to self-guided learning that sparks a natural love of learning.

How Montessori Shapes Your Child's Every Success

Guided lessons and purposeful materials during independent work time help develop life skills and the confidence for new challenges to fulfill the necessity of OCCI! OCCI is unique to Montessori and stands for: ORDER, CONCENTRATION, COORDINATION, INDEPENDENCE.

Our Promise

We provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.

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