Teacher of the year

Please join us as we congratulate these teachers for their outstanding achievements and for being named 2024 Cadence Education Teacher of the Year!!! We are so lucky to have them as part of our amazing team.

Cadence Education 2024 Teacher of the Year | Ms. Meghan

Congratulations to Ms. Meghan, our 2024 Cadence Education National Teacher of the Year!

Meghan has been teaching for more than 20 years and her dedication to excellence has shined through in her various roles across different age groups. 

With so many competing Pre-K programs and opportunities, Meghan’s classroom stands out as a beacon of excellence, consistently maintaining full enrollment and attracting eager families seeking the best for their children. Her classroom has become synonymous with quality education, often becoming the preferred choice for families embarking on their educational journey with us. Meghan’s ability to tailor lessons which cater to the diverse needs of her students, ensuring each child receives personalized attention and achieves their full potential is inspiring. Her ability to create lesson plans strikes a delicate balance between fostering academic development and nurturing a love for learning through play-based methodologies. Throughout all this learning you can see and hear the giggles of the students in her care and the classroom just exudes a fun environment!

Meghan’s openness to change and her willingness to embrace new challenges is impressive and admirable. She guides fellow educators providing feedback and support as needed along their journey. Her positive can-do attitude is refreshing, and we are lucky to have Meghan as a part of our Cadence family.

Southeast Region | Ms. Laura

Congratulations to Ms. Laura for being recognized as the Cadence Education Teacher of the Year for the Southeast Region!

Laura is an exceptional teacher, mentor, and team player who exemplifies the Cadence Brand Promise and personifies our Kind Child culture. Laura began her journey with Cadence 5 years ago as a two-year-old teacher and is now a Pre-K teacher, sharing an exceptional education with her children every day. She has organized parent involvement activities, started a school community garden, and always finds a way to include the entire school (217 kids!) into Pre-K fun through one of the many parades & performances. She keeps the days fun by orchestrating playful antics and activities, ensuring her teammates enjoy coming to work. She exudes happiness and makes the happiness of others her priority. Laura is the epitome of teamwork, never leaving any of her peers behind and is always willing to jump in and help the School Director with tasks of all sizes.

Whether it’s covering classrooms, planning events, organizing summer curriculum field trips and fun activities all year round, Laura does it all. She leads the school in community involvement and ensures the city of Crestwood and surrounding area knows that Cadence cares.

West Region | Ms. Raquel

Congratulations to Ms. Raquel for being recognized as the Cadence Education Teacher of the Year for the West Region!

Congratulations to Raquel Gayoso from Little Big Minds Spanish Immersion Preschool in Chandler, AZ for being selected as the 2024 West Territory Teacher of the Year!

Raquel has been a part of the Little Big Minds family for more than 10 years, teaching her little learners amazing lessons. During her time with LBM, she worked at 3 of our locations and recently moved to our newest location in Chandler, AZ. Her commute was not easy – it sometimes took her more than an hour to get to work – but she never let that affect her attendance or positive attitude every day.

Raquel has been an amazing leader and mentor for her peers and is always happy to help train new staff. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with everyone, and always puts the children and their families first. The love she has for teaching and for learning is infectious and motivates those around her. Raquel is always up for a challenge with a smile and “can-do” attitude, and we have been so lucky to have her presence on many of our campuses.

Southeast Region | Ms. Renee

Congratulations to Ms. Renee for being recognized as the Cadence Education Teacher of the Year for the Southeast Region!

Renee has been with us for 5.5 years and is incredibly dedicated to providing an exceptional education for the children in her care. She arrives at the school every day at 5:45am to make sure everything is ready for the children’s arrival. She is the most parent complimented teacher in the region, and has gone above and beyond to help children with special needs in her classroom. She truly cares about the children, their families, her co-workers, and the reputation of the school.

These are some of our favorite quotes about Ms. Renee:

“Renee participates in continuing her education through online training courses and in person professional development courses. She shares ideas with coworkers. And very much volunteers and helps parents when the need is there.”

“Renee has been an inspiration to me to be the best teacher/person that I can be. Renee has picked up the slack on more than one occasion. Like the time a sister school was shorthanded, and she jumped up and went to that school about an hour and half away to work for the day as needed. She has come to the school on the weekends just to make sure the laundry is finished and ready for different classrooms not just for hers but others.”

“Renee devotes so much to her classroom but also our facility as a whole. I’ve watched her go through trials and in the midst of that she still stayed solid and always showed up for her Cadence family! She invests not only her hard-earned money but her time and compassion as well!”