Teacher of the year

Please join us as we congratulate these teachers for their outstanding achievements and for being named 2023 Cadence Education Teacher of the Year!!! We are so lucky to have them as part of our amazing team.

Cadence Education 2023 Teacher of the Year | Ms. Sherry

Congratulations to Ms. Sherry, our 2023 Cadence Education National Teacher of the Year!

Sherry is the definition of a team player, teacher and true friend. She has worked for us for almost 8 years and has NEVER missed a day of work!

It really shows that Sherry takes a lot of time and effort in her lesson plans and follows through with them. When you enter the Pre-k room you can see and feel so much learning and teaching going on. The parents and children are always excited when they get to the Pre-k room.

Sherry’s co-workers look up to her and go to her for ideas. She is a great role model for other staff. Over the years Sherry has also furthered her education on her own just to expand her knowledge of teaching and will be graduating this May with a bachelor’s degree. We are grateful to have her as part of our Cadence family!  

These are some of our favorite quotes about Ms. Sherry:

“Sherry is always learning new ways to engage the children’s minds.  She always has multiple different activities every day that keep her pre-K children learning the essentials they will need for kindergarten.”  

“Sherry is an exceptional teacher and is always willing to answer any question I have. I inspire to be like her every day.” 

“If I had a child, I would want my child to be in her classroom…  Her classroom just overall feels like someplace you would want to learn.”  

“When the pre-K children from Sherry’s class have their kindergarten screening, the kindergarten teachers always say that she has taught the children well and they do exceptionally at their screening.”

“No matter what is going on personally, Sherry never stops teaching her students. She finds a way that works to teach and to take care of others.”

Northeast Region | Ms. Megan

Congratulations to Ms. Megan for being recognized as the Cadence Education Teacher of the Year for the Northeast Region!


Miss Megan is very passionate about teaching and goes above and beyond each day for her students and coworkers. For her students, she ensures they are both academically and socially prepared for kindergarten. She is very creative and finds new ways to encompass excitement into her student’s learning.


For her coworkers, she is always willing to go the extra mile and extend a helping hand at any time! She loves to build up the ones around her and ensure that they are encouraged.


For the families of her students, she has built great and trusting relationships. She is one of our most requested teachers! She is truly one of a kind.


These are some of our favorite quotes about Ms. Megan:


“I enjoy working alongside of her as her assistant, and since I started working with her, I have honestly enjoyed coming into the classroom again.” 


“Ms. Megan is a devoted and passionate teacher. Megan is consistently improving her skills to become a better teacher for herself and her students by continuing to research new methods of learning and new updated materials to bring inside her classroom. Helping her children better comprehend and grasp the learning skills. Megan is always open and willing to help her colleagues by sharing activities and resources for lesson plans. She aways provides an exceptional education.” 

Southwest Region | Ms. Monica

Congratulations to Ms. Monica for being recognized as the Cadence Education Teacher of the Year for the Southwest Region!

Monica has been the rock of the Pre-K room for the last 24 years, enriching the minds of hundreds of children. Parents look forward to their children being in her classroom, and the children love being there!  Monica is always engaged with the children and truly cares about them academically and personally, which is evident in all she does. 

Over the years, Monica has become a pillar of her center’s teaching team.  She has a wealth of knowledge, which makes her a strong trainer and mentor of new teachers.  Despite her experience, Monica never stops searching for new lessons and teaching techniques to implement in her room, and she’s humble enough to take suggestions from those less experienced.  Monica has been a key contributor to helping her center achieve regular NAEYC accreditations, and she was even a recipient of the Terri Lynn Lokoff National Teacher Award in 2014 with her language and literacy enhancing program.  The impact Monica’s love and dedication for teaching has had on co-teachers, students, and families alike is inspiring. 

These are some of our favorite quotes about Ms. Monica:

“Mrs. Monica currently has my son in her class. He is such a sweet boy, but he likes to push the envelope with Mrs. Monica! She has changed the way she approaches learning for him and helps support his needs in ways we could never imagine… His learning abilities have sky-rocketed in the last 6 months. ” 

“Monica has provided excellent education for many years! She is a phenomenal teacher and is someone I look up to. She is a great role model for younger and more inexperienced teachers.”

Southeast Region | Ms. Renee

Congratulations to Ms. Renee for being recognized as the Cadence Education Teacher of the Year for the Southeast Region!

Renee has been with us for 5.5 years and is incredibly dedicated to providing an exceptional education for the children in her care. She arrives at the school every day at 5:45am to make sure everything is ready for the children’s arrival. She is the most parent complimented teacher in the region, and has gone above and beyond to help children with special needs in her classroom. She truly cares about the children, their families, her co-workers, and the reputation of the school.

These are some of our favorite quotes about Ms. Renee:

“Renee participates in continuing her education through online training courses and in person professional development courses. She shares ideas with coworkers. And very much volunteers and helps parents when the need is there.”

“Renee has been an inspiration to me to be the best teacher/person that I can be. Renee has picked up the slack on more than one occasion. Like the time a sister school was shorthanded, and she jumped up and went to that school about an hour and half away to work for the day as needed. She has come to the school on the weekends just to make sure the laundry is finished and ready for different classrooms not just for hers but others.”

“Renee devotes so much to her classroom but also our facility as a whole. I’ve watched her go through trials and in the midst of that she still stayed solid and always showed up for her Cadence family! She invests not only her hard-earned money but her time and compassion as well!”