Montessori Infant Program

Montessori Infant Program


Character-building To Boost Emerging Social Skills

Daily lessons include kindness, empathy, compassion, and more. Teachers lovingly guide interactions with others to set your child up with social skills, confidence, and purposeful self-esteem.

Introducing Your Baby To The World Of Nature

Your baby learns about weather and nature and that the world around them is living. Spending time outside inspires exploration connects children to the natural world.

Educational Play Inspires Your Child's Curiosity

Montessori educational materials help your child develop their senses! Purposeful materials enhance brain development and engage the child in concrete learning and instruction.

Daily Music, Language, And Movement Enrichments

Activities that enhance and enrich your child’s learning are just as crucial as traditional instruction. Music, language, movement, and more help cultivate your baby and introduce them to new concepts!

Sensorial Materials Invite Interesting, Open-ended Play

Offering materials made of natural materials and fibers, for example, wood, rubber, paper, and different fabrics, means your little one can see, hear, and feel something new. They love to grasp and explore! Older children explore scents, sounds, and more.

Jumpstart Development With Multi-age Classrooms

Children of other age groups contribute to your baby’s development as they model behavior and lend a helping hand when they can. Learning from their peers is an integral part of your child’s early learning.

A Strong Foundation Leading To Academic And Life Skills

The Montessori environment allows children to familiarize themselves with the order of their environment. Each area guides your child in the next natural step of their learning; the classroom becomes the teacher.

Montessori-certified Teachers Are Crucial At This Early Stage

Certified Montessori-certified teachers are aware of the sensitive periods of early development in babies. These critical developmental windows need nurturing, which is what Montessori teachers expertly do.

Children Are Given The Space To Explore Freely

If your child is learning to grasp, they get more grasping opportunities. When they start to pull up, they’ll have more opportunities to pull up in their space. Through observations, teachers follow their interests so that they can explore freely.

Arts And Crafts Spark Your Baby's Creative Abilities

Your baby will be introduced to expression through art because artistic expression begins early! Through a specialized art program, your child will develop motor skills and explore their imagination through creativity. 

Our Promise

We provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.

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