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About Winwood Children’s Center Preschool in Lansdowne, VA

Winwood Children’s Center, Lansdowne offers a safe & stimulating preschool environment where young children and their families experience peace of mind. We recognize that it isn’t easy for parents to leave their children in the care of others, so we make concerted efforts to keep you connected with your children while you are away. We have an app where our daycare providers and preschool teachers send you pictures and updates throughout the day.

AdvancED Accreditation

Winwood Children’s Center, Lansdowne has earned AdvancED Accreditation. AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world and is deeply committed to the care and education of all young children. AdvancED holds daycare centers and preschools accountable to educational and childcare standards and supports the learning, growth, and development of young children by promoting a culture of continuous improvement. AdvancED Accreditation recognizes institutions that sustain a commitment to continuous improvement and educational outcomes.

Our Programs

The Ascend Curriculum

Ascend Curriculum LogoThe Ascend Curriculum takes a skill-based approach to early education and balances the development of cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and creative skill through nine learning components: Baby Signs, Literacy, Science & Sensory, Mathematics, Technology, Creative Expression, Cultural Understanding, Physical Fitness, and Kind Child.

Kind Child

Kind Child Program LogoKind Child is part of our monthly Ascend Curriculum and the backbone of our preschool’s culture. The goal of Kind Child is to elevate every child’s feelings of happiness, improve their emotional well-being, and enrich their friendships. We develop social-emotional skills each month and focus on valuable character traits like Empathy, a Positive Self-Image, and Thankfulness every two months. The result is a preschool environment where students feel welcome, supported, and valued!

Homelike Environment

A warm, homelike environment is one of the features that separates our school from your typical daycare center. Vibrant colors, overstimulating designs, and clutter can be overwhelming to young children and lead to behavioral problems. We have found that children transition more successfully from home to school when the school environment is conducive to their home environment, so we use more natural tones and include elements such as pillows, fabrics, soft seating areas, soft lighting, and accents from home.

Our Location

Winwood Children’s Center, Lansdowne is at the corner of Riverside Parkway and Upper Meadow Drive and our address is 18792 Upper Meadow Drive in Lansdowne, Virginia, 20176. We are less than a mile north of VA-7, which makes an ideal choice for parents who commute to Leesburg, Potomac Falls, and Ashburn.

Reviews from Parents

4.9 Rating based on 118 Reviews Leave A Review
Alexandra Ramirez • Google
I started working at Winwood in March. Even though I’ve only been here for 6 months I feel like I’m apart the Winwood family. The staff and admin work so well together and it’s very rare to find that in a business. Beth is an amazing director and Nicky is the most well organized assist director I’ve ever met! Love the staff, love the admin, love my job! The families are also amazing! I’ve become close with quite a few of the families. We are able to talk, joke, and enjoy each others talks at pick up and drop off.
Andrew Rymaruk • Google
The director Beth is fantastic! The teachers are first class and have cared for all three of my children as if they were their own. I highly recommend the Lansdowne Winwood Children's Center.
trisha olenyn • Google
My son was home with me for 2 years due to covid, from day one I have felt like he was being taken care of by family. He loves running to Ms. Beth's office to say hello before going to class for the day.
Caitlin U. • Google
I cannot say enough great things about this school! This is a very special environment with warm, nurturing, absolutely lovely teachers and school directors. We needed to pull our 3 year old from another, local preschool due some very unsettling conditions. It was very stressful for my husband and I and our son cried everyday and was so stressed to go to school. Until we found Winwood Lansdowne based on a fellow parent's recommendation. Now, our son literally runs/dances down the hallway to his classroom and doesn't want to leave at the end of the day! From the moment I called, I had a great feeling - I felt like they truly listened and understood we needed to quickly pull our son from his previous school and upon touring, both my husband and I felt at ease and confident this was the right environment. Beth, the school Director, is so gracious and caring. She made it easy for us to quickly transition and start within two days. She and her Assistant Director, Makda, are extremely responsive and quick to help parents and children with anything. Their approach to learning and development aligned with what we were seeking and they understood the issues many of us face with pandemic toddlers. It does not feel like a business but a nurturing environment that truly does have the children's best interests at heart. They also know every single child and parent that comes through the door and treat you like family - because we are to them! As for the teachers, we LOVE Ms Tanya and Ms Munia in the preschool class that focuses on potty training. They both have a great energy and are quick with smiles and praise, high fives and big celebrations. They will hold the line with "No's" and teach what is appropriate behavior but without scolding or shaming. The patience and encouragement is exactly what our son needed to unlearn what was allowed at his previous school. The days are structured with the right balance of activities, art projects, music, social play, reading/letters/numbers, small groups and technology. Most days at pick up I get "Mommy, I'm still playing and don't want to go home." which floors me. He's so happy and is excited to go in the mornings! We researched and toured half a dozen schools in the area and are so happy we found Winwood Lansdowne! It really is a special place!

Winwood Children's Center

Lansdowne, VA

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