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About Cadence Academy’s Taylor Mill Preschool

Cadence Academy’s Taylor Mill Preschool and Daycare (formerly Abby’s Child Enrichment Centers) is a licensed, full-service, premium early childhood education facility focusing on the success and nurturing of each child. 

We incorporate the Reggio Emilia Educational Approach which encourages children to think on their own. The Reggio Emilia Curriculum ensures the children’s work dominates the classroom rather than commercial art or designs, all the children have potential, and it should be cultivated. Group project work is encouraged to build social-emotional skills and allows children to learn from each other/borrow each other’s knowledge. Teachers can pose a question to the group to encourage problem-solving, and children are given time to make connections and form ideas.

The environment is calm and simple, has natural items, and incorporates the use of light. The Reggio Emilia approach supports social, social-communication, cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor skills. Our school is so much more than a Taylor Mill daycare.

Our Programs 


Our goal is to provide a warm, secure, loving, and nurturing environment for all babies while in our care. Daily activities are designed specifically to meet your baby’s needs and abilities. Routine caregiving activities, such as feeding and diapering, are used as opportunities for language interactions and for nurturing a one-on-one relationship with the teacher. Our curriculum is based primarily on play. As infants play with toys, observe the world around them, listen to sounds, and interact with caring adults, they are learning. The development of play skills can be significantly enhanced by the quality of the teachers’ interactions and the availability of play materials. Infants learn through spontaneous play in which they build an understanding of the world in their terms.

Infancy to Preschool

From infancy to preschool, children learn best when learning is engaging. Throughout our programs, teachers work with children on language and literacy skills, beginning letter/sound recognition and identification, pre-math and pre-science skills as well as incorporating a whole language approach to learning. We foster a love for reading as well as providing opportunities to engage in counting, sorting and categorizing through activities that are stimulating and fun. Additionally, we encourage social skills like cooperation and respect at our Taylor Mill preschool.


Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum allows children to participate in small groups while interacting with other children in activities, projects, and experiments. Exposure to reading occurs daily by engaging children in letter identification which progresses to letter sounds, and finally how sounds and letters combine to form words. Additionally, children will be exposed to addition and subtraction and more acute observational and analytical skills.

Pre-K classrooms at Cadence Academy’s Taylor Mill Preschool are arranged with several interest areas/learning centers. Each area provides children with new challenges and learning opportunities. Teachers periodically change the interest areas in order to provide new experiences, challenge the children’s abilities, and respond to their growing interests. We have created a program that encourages both education and enrichment for the individual child. With qualified teachers who speak with the children and ask questions to promote thinking and language development, children can learn and grow at their own pace.

Before and After School

We provide before-school care where children are able to enjoy their breakfast prior to going to school, and we also provide after-school care with bus services and/or private transportation to and from local schools. The School Age Program is designed to enhance problem-solving skills and social skills as well as to strengthen the children’s independence and individuality. Our routine is structured and consistent but is not rigid. Homework club is offered to give children (and parents) a head start on completing homework for the evening. Additionally, children are provided time to enjoy their afternoon snack.

Summer Camp

Cadence Academy’s Taylor Mill Preschool offers a summer program where we explore and engage our many individual talents! Activities are age-appropriate, offering children busy days, filled with fun adventures and opportunities to learn new things! Children will expand their imaginations and knowledge through a variety of stimulating and enriching hands-on experiences!

Enroll Today in Cadence Academy’s Taylor Mill Preschool and Daycare

We are proud to serve children and families in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. We are passionate about giving children the education and tools they need to thrive. Our safe and loving preschool and daycare environment is the best place for your child to grow. 

Please contact us online or call us to discuss enrollment options. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know your child.

Programs Offered


NAC Accreditation

The National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC) is a national accreditation program that was developed for early care and educational programs. NAC offers early childhood leaders the opportunity to demonstrate and document quality performance using research-based criteria and evidence-based practices. The National Accreditation Commission provides a comprehensive, ongoing quality improvement system and accredited schools must meet standards in the following 6 component areas: Administration, Family Engagement, Health and Safety, Curriculum, Interactions between Teachers and Children, and Classroom Health and Safety.

Kentucky All-Stars

We are proud to boast that our programs maintain a high star rating by <i>Kentucky All Stars</i>, Kentucky’s voluntary quality rating system for licensed Type I and Type II child care centers and Certified family child care homes. All STARS levels surpass the minimum licensing requirements that all participating programs must meet. <i>Kentucky All Stars</i> provides parents with a tool to help identify levels of quality when seeking a childcare setting outside of their home. Childcare centers and family childcare homes participating in <i>Kentucky All Stars</i> demonstrate a commitment toward providing quality care and education. Parents can use the rating system to gain an understanding of the factors that contribute to quality care and education, and can choose a child care setting that best matches their family’s needs. <i>Kentucky All Stars</i> represents a collaborative effort to ensure that young children in Kentucky are in early care and education settings that are seeking ever-increasing quality.

Reviews from Parents

4.1 Rating based on 25 Reviews Leave A Review
Tasha Closser • Google
Love this daycare. It's clean, organized, and has a very positive atmosphere. The staff truly cares about the children. Both my children attend here, I also work here and am extremely happy.
Jonna Parton • Google
I’ve had my kids here for less then a week and they have done so great here the staff truly cares about the kids and they are working with them everyday to improve skills I couldn’t be not happier that I chose cadence One thing I like about this daycare is you get updates all day on what they are doing and sometimes pictures
Jessica Smith • Google
I love this schools atmosphere. My niece goes to school here and teachers are very friendly and care genuinely about their students.
Troy Duprey • Google
We are so pleased that we chose Cadence for our daughter. The staff is very considerate, personable, helpful and loving. It truly feels like the babies are family to them. We are very comfortable knowing that our baby is in their hands when she is not with us.

Cadence Academy Preschool

Taylor Mill, KY

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