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At Rogy’s Learning Place in Pekin, we believe in taking every step possible to make the most of childhood. In fact, our preschool’s main objective is to ensure exceptional care for the students we serve as well as provide a personalized preschool education for each child.

Our Preschool Programs Go Above and Beyond

The National Accreditation Committee (NAC) offers a set of superior standards for the education and care of young children. Its accreditation process is one of growth and commitment to excellence and includes the following components: Curriculum, Interactions, Health and Safety, Administration, and Family Engagement.

At Rogy’s Learning Place in Pekin, Illinois our administration, staff, and parents are committed to growing and improving our preschool and childcare programs for the benefit of all our children.

We provide early childhood education programs based on best practices, integrity, and excellent care and education for our students. We also undergo a regular evaluation process that allows NAC to conduct on-site assessments in each area of the NAC Accreditation standards, which go above and beyond the State’s standards.

Our Childcare & Early Childhood Education Programs:

  • Infant Childcare (6 weeks – 15 months). Books, music, and soft toys are part of our responsive, nurturing infant environment where loving caregivers spend time playing games, talking to, and singing to your child.
  • Toddler Childcare (15 months – 2 years). Every day is a new adventure for your toddler. Children thrive in our nurturing toddler childcare program where they are encouraged to think through their actions, solve problems, and fully experience the world around them.
  • Two-Year-Olds (2 – 3 years). At Rogy’s Learning Center, we understand that two-year-olds are curious explorers. Our enriching environment, various educational toys and materials, and self-directed activities help boost your child’s sense of discovery and encourages independence.
  • Preschool (3 – 5 years). Children in our preschool program experience a day filled with numerous choices for learning, with a smart balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. Classrooms are divided into Interest Areas that encourage students to explore and imagine while gaining school-readiness skills.
  • School-Age Program (5 – 12 years). In our school-age programs, kids get help with distance learning and gain a creative, fun environment in which to learn. Children play games, create art projects, and have fun outside, among many other activities. To accommodate working parents, we offer transportation to and from many local elementary schools.
  • Summer Camp (6 – 12 years). This summer camp program offers wide-ranging, age appropriate activities and field trips, such as picnics, educational exhibits, sports, computer projects, and a reading program.

Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

To recognize positive manners and reduce,or eliminate, challenging behaviors, Rogy’s offers a unique program to enhance social and emotional development, and to promote school readiness. The approach was initially developed by the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) and utilizes a pyramid model to address childrens’ emotional and social needs.

At Rogy’s, we refer to this method as PBS. It focuses on being proactive to prevent challenging behaviors. We accomplish this task by building positive relationships with our children and families; creating a supportive environment for our students; and using specific strategies to teach social and emotional development. With PBS, we reduce the amount of time we spend addressing challenging behaviors, and in turn, our staff can focus on positive behaviors, and support all areas of development and learning in all children.

For more information about the PBS method, check out these resources:

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Recognized as a Cadence EducationSchool of Excellence

Recognized as a Cadence Education School of Excellence

Preparing Your Child to THRIVE

Your child is unique, and we are happy to provide an educational, fun and nurturing environment where each child can develop and thrive in order to build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.