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Welcome To Cadence Academy Preschool in Miami, Florida

Did you know that we are part of Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten program? We are now enrolling for this program, but spots are limited, so contact us today to learn more!!! Children must live in Florida and be 4 years old on or before September 1 of the current school year to be eligible for this free program.

Cadence Academy Preschool (formerly a Sunny Start Preschool) is unique among preschools and daycares in Miami. Here are some of the things that set us apart:

  • Parent Communication App – Receive Daily Update Reports and Pictures On Your Phone!
  • Fully Certified, Nurturing Staff
  • Ultra Clean Facility
  • Hands on Approach to Learning
  • Ongoing Assessment for all Students
  • Advanced Curriculum, Our School Readiness Rate is 100!

Core Values

Cadence Academy Preschool has raised and continues to raise the standards of early childhood education in the community and our reputation speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on adhering to our core values which include:

  • Family Partnership
  • Safety & Security
  • Clean 2 Healthy
  • Social Emotional Development

Social Emotional Development

Our team focuses on developing children’s social and emotional skills; encouraging effort and a positive self-esteem for long-term development and success. 

Children are guided and promoted to:

  • Distinguished, identify, and validate emotions
  • Express themselves freely
  • Encourage group play and sharing
  • Explore their interests
  • Express feelings a group setting to understand outcome of actions

Our children’s self-confidence thrives with positive engagement and reinforcement.

Looking for the best daycare in Miami? Look no further!

Reviews from Parents

4.9 Rating based on 62 Reviews Leave A Review
James Sanchez • Google
Cadence Academy Bird-road is an exceptional preschool that prioritizes the well-being and development of children. With a dedicated and caring staff, impressive facilities, and a well-balanced curriculum, they provide a nurturing environment for children to thrive. Effective communication with parents, community engagement, and stringent safety measures further contribute to the preschool's excellence. Overall, Cadence offers a supportive and enriching experience for children, fostering their growth and happiness.
Katherine Hernández • Google
Lo mejor de lo mejor. Me siento sinceramente privilegiada de tener a mi hija en este centro. Excelente equipo. Hermoso y acogedor. Gracias por hacer a mi hija tan feliz.
Darlenis Enriquez • Google
Best day Care ever!!! All the staff are super affectionate and attentive, both with children and with family members. I had to put my child when he was 3 months old and if he hadn't been for them he wouldn't have had the strength to leave him. I leave in the morning and I am completely sure that he left the two of them in very good hands.
Yariel Ruiz • Google
I spent 2 months shopping around for the best school for our son. When we found Cadence Academy instantly we felt how nurturing and caring the school was. From the Director, Assistant Director and Teachers we felt security. Although, I know it took some time for my son to adapt to new routine, they made the process easier for us with their patience, experience and love.They truly feel like a second home. Thank you everyone at Cadence Bird Road.

Cadence Academy Preschool

Miami, FL

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