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About Cadence Academy Preschool in Smyrna, DE

Cadence Academy Preschool, Smyrna is an early education school which provides programs for children ages infant through fourteen years of age. Our philosophy includes providing a nurturing environment that fosters each child’s self-identity, utilizing developmentally appropriate practices to enhance each child’s learning opportunities.

Family and community are an important component at Cadence Academy Preschool. As a small preschool, families are an integral part of the program. Parents have opportunities to see their children’s teachers daily and to participate in the program as their schedules allow.

This close relationship enhances each child’s personal growth and achievement and promotes a secure and safe environment. Communication between teacher and families adds to each child’s learning environment and offers support for continued success.


The infant/toddler program provides a loving, nurturing environment in which children can develop at their own pace. We offer opportunities for each child to explore their environment and learn through play. Singing, finger play, story time, and art are all part of daily activities for this age group.


The preschool program is a full day program that provides a curriculum that is balanced in work and play which allows for an introduction of a variety of subjects that includes group experiences, creative activities, listening and sharing stories, rest, language skills, writing skills, problem solving, independence, indoor and outdoor play, and health and safety education.


The before and after programs offer services for several of the local schools in our area. Transportation is provided to the schools by the school district and our own transportation service. This program is a structured environment where students can work on homework, socialize, and have continued learning experiences while in a safe caring environment. This program also provides services for when children are off school due to in service days or other school holidays.


This program is a continuation of our school-age program. During the summer break we provide a program for children finishing Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. The children are in separate groups, based on their grade level. All groups participate in outside field trips and in-house activities which enhance learning experiences while having fun.

Cadence Academy Preschool is so much more than daycare. We are proud to provide an exceptional preschool education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.

Reviews from Parents

4.7 Rating based on 94 Reviews Leave A Review
Brittany Dittman • Google
Jackie Murray • Google
We moved to Smyrna in September of 2022 and at the bottom of our complex sits Cadence Academy. It only made sense to pursue them for care since it’s so close and convenient and we are extremely happy we did. Jaxson loves it!!! The staff are all positive and attentive. Any time I send Ms. Taylor an email, she responds immediately. Jaxson’s teachers are great with communication and organization and Jaxson is truly thriving. I highly recommend Cadence and I am sure Jaxson will remain there until he begins school and prob after for after care also.
Immaculate Arrey • Google
Cadence Academy is a great school. The director and teachers are so amazing. The administrative staffs are very welcoming and friendly . Our daughter has improved greatly, we don’t regret sending her to cadence Academy. Many thanks to our daughter’s teachers Madam Nautica, Harley and Jenny. Her teachers are all doing a great job . They’re very knowledgeable, amazing and great teachers. Ms Nautica is doing a great job . I truly appreciate her posting lots of videos and activities of the kids . My daughter loves her so much. Many Thanks to the Director of Cadence Academy
Shadd Monninger • Google
THIS PLACE IS OUTSTANDING. I spent a lot of time researching different places in the area and ultimately landed here. As a parent there is always a leap of faith when entrusting another person or organization to care for your child in place of you. Cadence gives me peace of mind. Within the preschool there is a sense of community. 100% of the time you are greeted at the door. Staff are more often than not engaging with parents at the desks. Bulletins and sheets posted with current events and often times snacks laid out for the children in the lobby. When I am in the hallways with my children, teachers from different classrooms will say hello to my kids and address them by their name. It's wonderful and indicative of cohesiveness. Inside the class not only are the teachers wonderful, but a lot of the parents are as well! My youngest was having a hard time adapting from in-home care, now when I ask him who his best friends are.. his teachers name is included in the list! For traditional holidays they always have a party which parents are invited to, but often host different events and encourage parents to sign up and interact with the classroom. The curriculum for the children is in-depth and expansive. At week end you receive an email detailing this weeks happenings as well as an introduction to the following weeks events. You are always in the know and informed following your kids progress with their app and notification system. This is by far the highest quality daycare in the region. It is always very clean. The staff WANT to be there and it shows. If you're looking for a place to take your children, this is the one.

Cadence Academy Preschool

Smyrna, DE

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