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About Cadence Academy Preschool in Antelope, CA

We are an early education-based childcare center with a really incredible campus featuring warm, engaging classrooms and a huge playground! Our interactive learning environments are fun, clean, safe, and educational. The teachers in your child’s classroom are all fully qualified and most of them have completed their AA or BA degrees in Early Childhood Education. The average tenure of the staff is almost seven years with Cadence Academy Preschool (formerly The Phoenix Schools), and we have an extremely low teacher turnover rate. We use the ECERS & ITERS rating scales for quality and our classrooms, teachers, and curriculum are routinely evaluated to ensure we maintain the very high standards of Cadence Academy Preschool.

Programs Offered:

We have an outstanding curriculum for all ages, including a state-of-the-art computer lab and Spanish instruction.

Our Philosophy

The teachers and staff at Cadence Academy Preschool in Antelope are personally committed to the development and education of each and every child in their care. With our research-directed curriculum, inviting school, and caring teachers we aim to help your child learn and thrive while having a blast.

What Makes Us Unique

Our staff works hard to develop individual relationships with each child and their family. We look for ways to meet the needs of each individual child and family while maintaining consistency in the activities and in the needs of the program. We pride ourselves on the direct lines of communication between teachers, parents, and the director. We have scheduled parent-teacher conferences, regular newsletters, and convenient ongoing communications through e-mail. We want to make sure you are always in the know about your child’s activities and development at school.

Cadence Academy Preschool is well known for its community involvement. We participate in many local events, including The Lions Club “Picnic in the Park,” the Annual Community OSH Garage Sale, Annual Community Easter Egg Hunts, and other community and charitable activities. We are also proud sponsors of several local Little League and Soccer Teams. We partner with the surrounding elementary schools to make sure that our Pre-K programs are tailored to meet the kindergarten entry requirements. Kindergarten teachers from our local elementary schools are always eager to receive The Phoenix Schools preschool graduates because they know that they are starting that first day of kindergarten with the right set of skills to make them successful.

More About Our School

Our address is 4110 Skyland Court in Antelope, CA, 95843. You’ll find us at the corner of Walrega Road and Elverta Road near WinCo Foods. We work closely with the nearby elementary schools in the Center School District, Dry Creek School District, and Twin River District. Surrounding us are the neighborhoods of Antelope East, Barrett Ranch, Black Saddle, Downing PI Way, Highland Estates, Highland Greens, Midtown Village, Palmerson/Elgin Hills, Quail Park, The Arbors, and Winje Estates.

We felt incredibly comfortable the moment we walked in the door...

See why parents love us!

Parents share how our unique, educational, and nurturing environment helps their children thrive and build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

We felt incredibly comfortable the moment we walked in the door...

See why parents love us!

Parents share how our unique, educational, and nurturing environment helps their children thrive and build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

Reviews from Parents

4.6 Rating based on 20 Reviews Leave A Review
L'Tyla Brown • Google
**UPDATE** Both of my children attend this preschool and have been doing so since they were just past infancy. I tell everyone I know about this place! The moment we walk into the building our entire family is greeted by the staff with not only a smile but a genuine welcoming feeling. We love the staff from the amazing Director whom is more than just her job title. Many people whom reach a position in which they no longer have to deal with clients on a regular basis run with that new job. Not Miss Mary, Miss Mary has a strict open door policy for anyone needs to request and audience with her whether it be good or bad. My family and I also have loved every teacher, well almost, that we have come across. Special thanks to Miss Mireya, Miss Samantha, Miss Kayla, Miss Gurdeep, and Miss Olly. Now for the not so amazing. We have come across one teacher whom did not sit right with myself or any other members of my family, we utilize the village to get these girls to and from school. Miss Veronica is a rude and to be honest lazy teacher. As a parent it is very disheartening and slightly concerning to drop off your child everyday with a woman who does not appear to care about any of the children in her care. I say this by a few interactions and situations I have witnessed. One, upon every single drop off, and my daughter attends 5 days a week, I have never seen Miss Veronica stand. She is constantly sitting and in some cases faces a direction away from the children. This may seem like a small or irrelevant detail but I believe it is important to be active/interactive with young children. Second she never seemed to want to be there. Working with children is a choice ma'am not a required job. If you do not enjoy children I suggest not working with them. Third, there is nothing more frightening than fear of saying something negative about a person for fear of retaliation on your child. But after news of her departure from the company I stated my concerns. In the five years I have been bringing my children to Cadence Miss Veronica is my only complaint about the company and staff. She was in no way shape or form the type of person that represents the caring, nurturing and general well being of the children or the company that we have come to appreciate over the years. I still highly suggest this school and genuinely appreciate the curriculum they have taught my children.
Allison Reynolds • Google
I love this facility they just like family to me and my three kids. I have a 2 month old son that attends that they take amazing care of and two daughters 4 and 6 that have been attending since 6 weeks and 1 years old. They love coming each day.If you are looking for a daycare to love your kids as thier own this is the place to bring your babies.
Tiesha Felder • Google
My son had been there for a few years now and the staff have became family to us. The go above and beyond with care for him , he has struggles and the staff there has brought him so far with his education and even his social interests. He has grown there and thanks cadence I know he will be ready for his next chapter !!! I could not ask for a better school to care for my child. From the directors to the teachers we appreciate them all.
Kayla Zamarripa • Google
My son has been attending since he was 6 weeks old and he is now almost 3! The teachers here go ABOVE AND BEYOND for their students and love them as if they were their own children. My son continues to excel because of their steady home like environment and engaging activities. Even though my son is 2, he can speak extremely clear, knows all his letters of the alphabet, can count to 18 and recognize all his shapes and colors, and he's potty trained! I always thank the school for all his achievements they have helped me accomplish.

Cadence Academy Preschool

Antelope, CA

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