Here is an overview of what your child will be learning in September at  a Cadence Education School of Excellence.

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  • Infants–Your baby will explore object permanence by playing playing games, such as peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek, nesting cups, and find the ball.  Teachers will help infants with left and right awareness through gentle movements and visual tracking activities.  Your child will begin to develop a sense of self through songs and interactions with the teacher, such as Where is Baby.  Story time and regular use of Baby Signs will help support infants’ growing communication skills.


  • Toddlers–Your child will begin to understand the different parts of the school day, such as meals, nap time, outdoor play, and center play.  Students will explore how to show consideration for peers and listen to simple directives or cues from the teacher.  Children will also practice jumping with both feet and caring for books.


  • Early Preschool–Your child will explore homes from around the world and build confidence by sharing about his or her own home with others.  Your two-year-old will practice how to hold a crayon to support his or her pre-writing skills.  Students will explore printed numerals and the parts of a book.  Children will also begin to sort between little and big items.


  • Preschool–Together, children will celebrate what makes them and others unique.  They will explore similarities and differences in families and will name their family members in Spanish.  Children will show their developing awareness of themselves by drawing a self-portrait.  Preschoolers will recognize the daily weather and how it affects their lives.  Students will also learn how to stretch their arms and legs to keep their bodies healthy.


  • Pre-Kindergarten–This year your child will prepare for the journey of kindergarten ahead.  Students will understand the school schedule and begin to take personal responsibility in caring for the classroom.  Children will explore what schools look like around the world and practice identifying some basic phonetic sounds and sight words.  Pre-K students will identify the parts of a computer and how to use a mouse.  They will also investigate fingerprints and how detectives and scientists use fingerprints to learn information about a person.