Building Blocks are Educational

Young children are often drawn to blocks, LEGOs, or other manipulatives. It looks like a fun play experience, but it’s so much more than that! Children learn a wealth of skills through block play, including spatial reasoning, motor skills, imagination and creativity, self-expression, socialization, problem-solving, and various mathematical concepts such as measurement, comparison, symmetry, and balance. Amp up block play at home with these fun twists on traditional block play:

  • Play a game of block bowling. Have your child build a tower or pyramid using 10 blocks. Then, take turns rolling a ball from 6 feet away to try to knock down as many of the blocks as possible. After playing a few rounds, challenge your child to build an extra strong pyramid that can’t be knocked over by the ball as easily.

Make your own blocks! Almost anything can be turned into a building material. Find non-traditional objects around your house to build with, such as cereal boxes, sugar cubes, oatmeal canisters, books, paper towel tubes, tissue boxes, corks, and other recyclable materials. Then, encourage your child to use her imagination to create with the materials.