Learning Responsibility & Independence

During this season of home-school learning, now is the perfect time to help your child learn more independence.  One way to do that is by encouraging your child to be more responsible for his or her own belongings.  The more you allow your child to do for himself, the more responsible and independent he will become.  Not only that, but you will be instilling a sense of pride and confidence in your child that he can take care of himself, which will serve him well in kindergarten.

Age-appropriate Adaptations:

  • Two-year-olds—At the end of the day, encourage your child to collect all the items he played with to take to his room, such as his toys, books, and blanket or comfort item.
  • Three-year-olds—Consider allowing your child to help set and clean the table.  Let her be in charge of setting out and cleaning up her own plate, cup, napkin, and silverware.
  • Four/Five-year-olds—Ask your child to help you put away his clean laundry. He can place folded clothes in the appropriate drawers. He can also help hang up shirts on hangers.

Skills Supported: personal responsibility, independence, confidence, self-help skills