A Fun Writing Activity You Can Do At Home

By now, your child can probably write some letters independently. Early writing is an important kindergarten readiness skill. Consider offering your child one of the following writing activities today:

  • Cover the bottom of a small cookie sheet with a shallow layer of salt. Let your child write letters in the salt using his or her finger or a paintbrush. As he draws with his finger, a path will be created in the salt, so he can see his strokes. He can scatter the salt to erase it and begin again. If your child needs more support, write down the letters on a separate index card and have him use that as an example to follow.
  • Place a small amount of pudding in a Ziploc bag and seal it with packing tape. Have your child draw letters on the outside of the bag. The pudding will be displaced to show the letter shape. See if your child can name each letter and the sound it makes as he writes.

Write letters outside using sidewalk chalk. Then, make them disappear by tracing over them with a wet paintbrush!