Toddler Time

Ways to help Tame the Toddler Tantrum


  1. Identify the cause.

Temper tantrums seem to come out of nowhere and can be stressful and overwhelming, not to mention tiresome. Most of the time identifying the cause of the tantrum can minimize its effect and help you to keep your cool. Is your child craving some one on one time, could they feel worried or anxious and out of control or are they in need of some space to make choices and gain independence.  By taking the time to try to identify the cause before you react, you gain composure and perspective, thus putting yourself in a better mindset to handle your toddler.


  1. Choose your battles.

If it doesn’t affect your child’s emotional or physical well being you may want to let it slide. Going to the grocery store in rain boots and a pink tutu may not be your idea of fun but does it really matter?


  1. Give options.

Find ways to give your toddler choices throughout the day. Would you like juice or water?  Boots or running shoes? Green shirt or Yellow shirt? Giving your toddler some control over their world will help alleviate some of their stress and empower them.


  1. Give it time.

Allow some extra time in the mornings for your toddler to do things themselves. Toddlers need to feel empowered and develop some confidence. They may put the shoes on the wrong feet, their shirt on backwards and take an extra 20 minutes to get out of the door, but in the end you are teaching them how good it feels to be able to do things for themselves.