Toddler Time


Toddler Time Change


With daylight savings around the corner, we thought we’d pass along a few tips that can help your toddler adjust in record time. (Sorry AZ families, we know you don’t follow the time change, but we hope you can find some useful tips for any other time that your toddler goes through a change!)

Make sure to start off small.  You can slowly change your child’s sleep habits by getting them to sleep a litter earlier each day for a few days ahead.

Once the time changes, you should gently push to keep your little one on schedule according to the clock. The more you stick to your routines, the faster your tot will adjust to a time change.

Our internal clocks seem to be set with the sun and it has a major role in the way our bodies function. Spend a lot of time outdoors early in the day when possible.  At bedtime, you can block out the sunlight coming into your child’s room by using blackout curtains or shades. This will help to keep out the sun and ease your tot into a nice sleeping pattern.

Time change is tough everyone, but even more so for little ones who don’t understand what the change is all about. Be patient and understanding if your toddler is a little cranky or clingy for a day or two.